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Weed control in plantain, made easier

Published on 03/10/2023

As of June, the selective contact herbicide Dictate 480 (Group 6) from Nufarm is now approved by the ACVM for post-emergence broadleaf weed control in pure plantain swards, plantain and clover, and pastures containing plantain.
It contains 480g/L of bentazone, bringing
the number of herbicides registered for plantain use to three, and means farmers will be better able to harness the benefits of plantain in their systems, the company says.

Not only that, it’s gentler on plantain, while
still killing weeds like chickweed, mayweed, black nightshade, cleavers and storksbill.
Unique to this label extension are willow
weed and fathen.
“Best practice recommendations for plan
tain emphasise the importance of eliminating broadleaf weeds if they become apparent in early establishment,” notes Nufarm technical specialist Paul Addison. “But there just haven’t been that many choices until now, especially for mixed swards which include clover.”

As use of Ecotain plantain continues to rise
on farms all over New Zealand, driven in no small part by research carried out by Agricom supporting its use to mitigate nitrogen leaching on dairy farms, so too has risen the challenge of weed control, Addison says.

Nufarm trials done to support the applica
tion for the new claim have showed Dictate 480 is softer on plantain than another herbicide registered for the same use, while still providing acceptable weed control.

“We compared plantain plant numbers and
dry matter yield in two trials in new pasture sown with plantain. There were a number of different treatments including an untreated control; Dictate 480 at 3 litres per ha, and a combination herbicide (bentazone + flumetsulam) at the 3 litres per ha.”

Both plantain plant numbers and dry matter
yield were highest for the Dictate 480 treatment when the new pasture was assessed just prior to the first full grazing, four to five weeks after spraying.

The Dictate 480 treatment had significantly
more plants and higher DM yield than the bentazone + flumetsulam combination herbicide.

“Some plantain leaf burning will be evident
after applying Dictate 480, but plant vigour is hardly affected and no plant mortalities occurred,” Addison says.

A 14-day stock grazing withholding period
applies after using Dictate 480 on plantain, plantain and clover and pasture mixes containing plantain. There is no plantback limitation for subsequent crops.

Timing is important, Addison says: “For
best results, apply when weeds are small, and plantain is at the two to four leaf stage. Add Contact Xcel surfactant to ensure good leaf coverage.”

Nufarm will be promoting the new claim to end us
ers in plenty of time for the main plantain sowing season, reinforcing the key benefits that Dictate 480 provides control of a wide range of broadleaf weeds, while not affecting plantain plant numbers or DM yields.

For more detail contact your local Nufarm terri
tory manager.

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