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Get back growing sooner

Published on 28/07/2023

Recommend the right glyphosate for paddock preparation this season, and farmers will enjoy a shortcut that fast tracks their other tasks, adds flexibility to their programme and/or gives them a few more opportunities with grazing.
That’s because paddocks sprayed with
Crucial (Group 9) can be grazed, cultivated or drilled just one day after treatment for annual weeds, and three days for perennial weeds.
That’s two to four days sooner than some
other glyphosate formulations, meaning they can get crops established quicker with less downtime, and move onto other jobs sooner, knowing that if for some reason their plans change, they have extra leeway.

They can also use that time to put more
feed into trading stock, like grazing lambs on a ryegrass paddock that is destined for spring sown crop for example.

Nufarm specialists Jeff Hurst and Mike Cox
say now more than ever, time is money for farmers, and getting the fastest possible turn-around at spring sowing is a great way to farm smarter, not harder, on a tight schedule.

Crucial helps achieve this in another im
portant way – when applied as recommended with Pulse Penetrant, it carries a commercial performance guarantee of 15 minute rainfastness. That sets a new benchmark in terms of flexibility and knowing the job is done properly even when conditions are unpredictable and challenging.

“A fast, reliable kill at the outset makes the
rest of the process run much more efficiently, and helps ensure a good outcome,” Hurst and Cox say.  This is especially the case if you use minimum tillage or direct drilling to reduce soil disturbance: “In these situations, it’s imperative you use the best option - you need your glyphosate formulation to do the job right the first time.”

Crucial is the only formulation in the world
which combines three glyphosate salts - potassium, monomethylamine and ammonium. It has a high load of active ingredient (600 g per litre), meaning more weed killing power per litre, using less product per ha.

Triple surfactant technology ensures this
high load of active ingredient equals or exceeds best in class standards of performance every time.

The result? Good adhesion, rapid uptake
and excellent translocation through the plant tissue.
As Hurst and Cox explain, adhesion, uptake
and translocation work together to overcome the plant’s natural survival response to shut down its transport system in the presence of a threat like herbicide.

“If the plant goes into defensive mode, and
shuts down before the herbicide is translocated through its tissue, it can survive being sprayed. Without a lethal dose being quickly delivered to the roots, the root system will survive, and grow new shoots. Crucial’s fast uptake and translocation prevent this from happening.”

Crucial pours easily, won’t foam and
tank mixes superbly with other products. It comes in a range of pack sizes, from the OHS-friendly 15 litre pack, all the way up to the larger 1000 litre pod options.

For more detail talk to your Nufarm area

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