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CropX adds fungal disease management tool

Published on 28/04/2023

CropX was founded in New Zealand and is now an international company. Its agronomic farm management system captures near real-time data from soil sensors, satellites, and machinery to offer app-based decision support, tracking, and reporting for irrigation, effluent, crop nutrition, leaching, and now, fungal disease management.
The CropX system’s preventative agronomic insights allow for action before plants are at risk while tracking real-life conditions so growers can confidently wait until it is necessary to spray. Users have reported decreased applications and a reduction in the amount of chemicals used.
The app also advises on the best day and time to apply chemicals to minimize the risk of drift or run-off.
Everything needed to precisely manage a crop protection pro
-gram is available in one place through the CropX app dash-board. Users know exactly when, where, and what class of anti-fungal to spray, enabling growers to precisely time chemical applications to ensure crop yield and quality are protected and resource use is optimized.
Weather conditions that sup
-port responsible spraying are projected by the hour over a three-day period so that users can choose the optimal time for spraying.
The app provides crop protection spraying advice for 28 major crop types and all major fungal diseases. For example, for pota
toes, the app tracks late blight, early blight, white mould and grey mould. Diseases tracked for maize include common rot, grey leafspot, and northern leaf blight. For winter wheat, the app tracks Septoria leaf spot.
When setting up the field in the app, users can input the crop type and planting dates. This activates the fungal disease tracking based on biological models that evaluate un-protected leaf area, fungus lifecycle, crop hardiness, and weather conditions to assess the threat level of a disease out
-break and make spraying recommendations.
Developed and tested in the Netherlands over the last 25
years, the disease management capability of the CropX agronomic farm management system is the most tested and reliable digital disease management advisor in the market. CropX users can ensure yields are protected while saving time and money and minimizing environmental impact.

About CropX technologies
CropX Technologies is one of
the fastest growing providers of agribusiness farm management solutions in the world, deployed in over 60 countries and across all arable continents. The CropX Agronomic Farm Management System synthesizes data from the earth and sky to offer advanced soil and crop intelligence and a suite of digital decision and planning tools, all on an easy-to-use app capable of tracking multiple farms and fields. CropX is backed by the world’s leading agribusinesses and VCs, who recognize that CropX’s precision-ag technologies set new standards for best practices in environmental sustainability and farm productivity. Learn more at


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