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Cereal crops now have headstart on post-emerge weed control

Published on 28/04/2023

Pre-emergence applications of Headstart are effective for early weed control, even before weeds emerge. It is particularly effective on more difficult weed species that are not easily controlled once they reach development stages at which they start competing with the crop.
This means it is not necessary to wait for a specific growth stage in the crop to ensure adequate protection, as is the case with some other herbicides.

Headstart Oleo formulation is based on the highly effective systemic active flumetsulam, which is rapidly taken in via both the roots and foliage of target weeds. Registered tolerant crop species metabolise this active, rendering it safe.

Arxada’s in-house formulation team devel
oped Headstart in New Zealand. It is based on Arxada’s patented Oleo technology as an oil-dispersion (OD), adjuvant-ready liquid formulation. The advantages Headstart offers are due to this formulation technology.
Unlike other flu
metsulam products, Headstart Oleo technology combines the active ingredient into the surfactants and oils within the formulation. This creates an effective solution that is also resistant to rainfall wash-off when fully dry. Headstart is therefore easier to measure and mix compared to granular products.
It delivers more consistent and enhanced con
trol for a wider range of weeds. This is due to the optimal ratio of active to adjuvant within every spray droplet.

Headstart is compatible with a number of other herbicides used in registered pasture seed crops. In cereal crops Headstart is com
patible with Firebird (refer to label for patent), Hussar and MCPA.
The adjuvant system in Headstart can also enhance the activity of tank mix partner her
bicides, which further increases its control and broadens the range of weeds it controls.
Grass weed herbicides can also be mixed with Headstart for use over crops such as Lucerne and chicory. Some grass weed herbicides require the addition of adjuvant oils for optimal weed control. The adjuvant system in Headstart enhances this activity and the rate of adjuvant can be reduced.
Optimal results with Headstart are
achieved when actively growing weeds are small and have good soil moisture. Activity can be reduced under drought stress, or cold and wet conditions. Under hot dry conditions, you may see some effects on certain crops e.g. lucerne and some clover species or varieties.
Refer to the label for the extensive list of weeds (and additional weeds*) that Head
-start controls. The label also provides specifics on application rates at different weed stages and information around harvest, grazing and cutting withholding periods.
Headstart has been designed to maximise performance in the field and save you on application time. Give your pasture crops,
wheat and barley the best possible start with Headstart, from Arxada.

*Additional weeds include nodding thistle, broadleaved dock, groundsel, inkweed, storks
-bill, twincress, dandelion, hawkbit, scrambling speedwell, nettle and field madder.


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