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Simple, efficient grass weed control

Published on 07/12/2022

The selective herbicide was already registered for a range of other crops including forestry and tree release, pipfruit and citrus, and lucerne and clover.
Arxada marketing and business
development manager Zack Taylor says retailers have welcomed the label extension for kale, rape and late maturing leafy turnips, which came through in time for last season’s crops.
Good feedback from the field should see increased uptake of
Ignite throughout the 2022/2023 season.

Ignite contains 100 g per litre
of the grass killer haloxyfop-P-methyl (Group 1) as the active ‘R’ isomer, formulated as an emulsifiable concentrate (EC).

A key feature that sets it apart
from other options is that it comes fully loaded with necessary adjuvant on-board, eliminating the need for extra wetting agents or crop oils.
“That makes the job of grass
weed control simpler, easier, and more efficient for end users so they can concentrate on other things to get the best out of their leafy forage brassicas this season,” Taylor says.
Ignite will control nearly all annual and per
ennial grass weeds, ranging from barnyard and bristle grass, through kikuyu, cultivated couch and storksbill to wild oats and Yorkshire fog.

Once applied, the spray solution is taken up
by green shots and leaves, and rapidly transferred to growing points. Growth stops within one or two days, eliminating crop competition almost immediately, which is also an important benefit, Taylor says.

The application rate is no more than 1.5 litres per ha, and timing is before crops have 10 leaves.
It’s rainfast after one hour.

“Increasing emphasis on the efficiency and
sustainability of farm grown feed means farmers are really focussed on achieving optimal forage brassica yields this season. We’re very pleased to be able to offer a robust control option to help achieve optimal results.”

For more detail on how Ignite can benefit
your customers’ crops contact your local Arxada territory manager.

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