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Published on 16/05/2022

But unlike chips, which are much of a muchness, there are a variety of adjuvants – e.g., penetrants, spreaders, anti-foaming agents – and it is important to select the right one for the agrichemical you are applying.
Nufarm’s SprayWise initiative
provides spray contractors and farmers the information they need to use the brand’s products effectively, safely and economically. One of the aims of SprayWise is to demystify Nufarm’s range of adjuvants.

While some adjuvants have
been around for years, Nufarm has introduced a number of new ones to the market recently, and there is uncertainty in the industry about which is the best to use in different situations.

Nufarm technical specialist
Andy Davis says adjuvants are an important part of the package in getting a good result from agrichemicals but there is some confusion about them.

“I come from a horticultural
background where adjuvants have been widely used for a long time, and even in that sector they are still not well understood. Under SprayWise, we are working with merchants to provide straightforward information about what the different products are and how to use them to get the best bang for your buck.”

Andy says merchants have a lot
of information and knowledge to share, so speaking with them is always a good place to start.

It is also vital to check the label
on the chemical you are using to see which type of adjuvant it should be used with. (Labels are available on product containers, Nufarm’s website or they can be viewed via the Novachem manual).

Leading products in Nufarm’s
adjuvant range include Pulse Penetrant, a penetrant designed for use with herbicides and, in particular, glyphosate.

“Pulse Penetrant reduces
glyphosate’s drying time from two hours to 15 minutes. It improves penetration of the chemical into the plant and it can improve adhesion to hard-to-wet plants such as gorse and waxy spring ryegrass,” Andy says.

Other well-known Nufarm adju
vants include Bonza, an adjuvant oil that can maximise the performance of certain herbicides by improving wetting, spreading and uptake. And Contact Xcel is a general purpose spreader that can boost fungicides, insecticides and plant growth regulators.

New adjuvants Nufarm has
released include Flume and Amigo.

“Flume is a super spreader
organo silicone for fungicides and insecticides. It has an incredible ability to spread across the plant,” Andy says. “It reduces the surface tension of the liquid, so the chemical does not stay in rounded droplets. It spreads across and even underneath the leaf.“
“Flume offers some massive
benefits. It reduces the water rate that is needed to apply the chemical, so you can carry more chemical in the tank to cover more ground and reduce the time spent filling.”

Amigo reduces spray drift by
eliminating fine droplets in the spray. It can be used with boom sprayers or aerial applications.

“When the spray has larger,
more uniform droplets you get a more uniform spray pattern and more chemical on the target.  Spray drift is an issue that farmers and contractors must be more aware of. With our international markets, if your neighbour ends up with residues from your product, you are likely to get a letter from a lawyer.”

Amigo works well with
Nufarm’s phenoxy herbicide range and with their Crucial, Lion and WeedMaster ranges. But with glyphosates it must not be used in combination with Pulse Penetrant or other organo-silicones.

Another notable new product
in Nufarm’s adjuvant range that can save you time and money is the anti-foaming agent Foam Wrecker. By reducing foam in the tank, Foam Wrecker ensures you maintain the full strength of the chemical, fill the tank faster and avoid defoaming or costly over-flows.

Nufarm has also introduced its
new Foam Marker to keep track of where you have sprayed, and its new Tank and Equipment cleaner to make it easier to clean and decontaminate when switching chemicals.

Call your local Nufarm Terri
tory Manager on 0800 NUFARM or visit their website at today for more information on the SprayWise range.

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