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Team work makes the dream work for beet crops

Published on 30/09/2021

The company has invested in a suite of beet products spearheaded by the impressive Goltix Gold herbicide which controls hard-to-kill weeds including fathen and wireweed.

The most recent addition to the toolbox is Mavrik Aquaflow Insecticide (Mavrik), which was launched this year. Speers says while Adama’s ‘whole crop’ approach offers broad support, it didn’t happen in a vacuum. “We listened to technical field officers and the needs of their farmers and took that feedback on board.” Some of NZ’s top growers have achieved outstanding results with beet crops thanks to that collaboration.

Leading Matamata dairy farmers Bruce and Jacquie Tiddy used the Adama programme including Mavrik, Goltix Gold and foliar fungicide Custodia. This season, their 22 ha of sugar beet had yields pushing 30 tonnes of DM/ha and 15.2 ME, the result of meticulous weed, pest and disease control, sound technical advice, and the input of experienced contractor ‘Paddy’ Paddock who planted and lifted the crop.

But, Speers says, it is not just about the yield. Adama’s unique synthetic pyrethroid (SP), Mavrik combines effective control of serious fodder beet seedling pests Nysius and cutworm but is safer for beneficial insects including hoverflies and lacewings, farmers’ and growers’ ‘free workers’.

“Tau-fluvalinate, the low toxicity active ingredient in Mavrik, is much safer for beneficial insects than other SPs available in New Zealand. It is also entirely crop safe when applied with approved Adama products at the sensitive cotyledon stage.”

Speers says application of Mavrik is recommended when Nysius is active as temperatures rise during the day, applying at seedling stage only, as a first post-emergence spray. “Apply at first sign of pest presence and ensure good coverage of plants and surrounding soil. A repeat application can be made after 14 days if required.”

Trials showed Mavrik provided a high degree of Nysius control and reduction of plant damage following one or two applications and prevented significant cutworm plant damage. Applications of Mavrik can control small cutworm caterpillars, preventing them growing to a much more damaging size. For larger cutworm, it is recommended that spray applications should be made in the evening or night when the caterpillars emerge to feed.

The Adama beet programme may also con
tribute to animal productivity by providing feed flexibility thanks to Custodia, which supports greener, healthier, more vigorous leaves and has a withholding period of 14 days less than other available fungicides, a lifetime when feed is tight.

Other compatible products in the Adama
beet programme include Torero Herbicide, Ethosat Herbicide, and Rifle. For more information on products contact Adama or visit

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