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Using science plus nature to combat slugs and snails

Published on 23/04/2020

But recently they’ve met their match with Metarex Inov from UPL. The company says Metarex Inov is an innovative slug bait to help New Zealand farmersand growers manage this challenging pest.

Manufactured by De Sangosse of France, which is the global leader in slug and snailbait formulation technology, the formulation lifts bait performance to a new level compared to the previous Metarex and competitor baits, UPL says.
The key distinguishing feature is that only Metarex Inov contains the breakthrough Colzactive technology, which differentiates the new brand by elevating it beyond otherslug baits.

Colzactive - comprising specially selected oilseed rape extracts - is a science and research innovation from the De Sangosse research and development team. UPL says, within its extensive R&D programme, De Sangosse evaluated 20 different plant species and identified 50 potential molecules for their attractiveness to slugs. “Finally, two molecules from oil seed rape were selected for their extraordinarily attractive and palatable characteristics to slugs. These are the basis of the ‘Colzactive’ technology. ”Now formulated as an integral part of the bait, Colzactive enhances the bait attractiveness, its taste, and, importantly, the speed at which metaldehyde works compared to the previous Metarex product.

Hence, Metarex Inov® is the combination of superior formulation science plus nature. The technology behind the new product delivers a bait with an ‘attract and kill’ mode of action. Produced by using unique wet process manufacturing, Metarex Inov is very rainfast; it does not disintegrate under the first showerof rain. “It’s important to note that the active ingredient in Metarex Inov is metaldehyde so users have all the strengths of this trusted and proven active with the further benefit of applying a product that is Integrated Pest Management (IPM) friendly,” UPL says.

This new product has a recommended rate range of 3 to 5 kg per hectare, delivering advantages such as ease of storage, handling and application. With 60,000 baits per kilogram, Metarex Inov also has excellent ballistic properties. “After manufacturing method, pellet sizebecomes a key feature determining ballistic profile and spreading distance. “The unique Metarex Inov manufacturing process and pellet size means the bait can be spread at widths of up to 24 metres. ”Metarex Inov is available in a 10 kg bag along with a 400 kg bulk bag. “This is new technology for slug and snail control and UPL is excited about bringing this innovation to the New Zealand market, both for resellers and for end users.”For further details, contact your UPL regional sales manager.

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