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Timely launch for novel pipfruit insecticide

Published on 09/10/2020

“Vayego delivers excellent efficacy against codling moth, leafroller caterpillar and bronze beetle, making it a versatile, flexible new option for growers to incorporate into their seasonal pest management program,” says Marc Fox, horticulture market and territory manager for Bayer. 

Vayego 200SC is a liquid formulation containing the active ingredient tetraniliprole, a Group 28 Diamide insecticide which is a new molecule to the pipfruit industry. With over 4000 trials performed globally, as well as a rigorous trial program in NZ, Vayego has demonstrated excellent efficacy across the lepidoptera and coleoptera species targeted 

says “These trials have shown that Vayego has some attractive properties that contribute to its versatility, safety, strength and performance. One of these is the fact that it is active on all three of the life stages of codling moth, from eggs to adults.” 

While the main control comes from larval ingestion, eggs can also be affected if laid on treated leaves and fruit, or, if they have already been laid, and then treated with Vayego. Rapid feeding cessation is also a key feature, strengthening codling moth control. Larvae lose muscle control, become immobile, and cease feeding immediately after application, giving the benefit of less damaged fruit. Further, Vayego is locally systemic which ensures distribution throughout the leaf, helping to maximise coverage.

“Another feature pipfruit growers will find beneficial is the label claim for bronze beetle control,” adds Fox. “Efficacy was proven by Plant &Food Research in bioassay work,before being backed up by field trials over the last few years. As a third string to its bow, this makes Vayego a very versatile option for pest control for pipfruit growers.”

Vayego is recommended to be used from seven days post petal fall through to early December, at a rate of 15 mL per 100 litres of water as a dilute spray to the point of runoff. If concentrate spraying is used, then the rate must be adjusted accordingly. For best practice resistance management, it is important that Vayego is used as part of a seasonal pest control program that incorporates other chemistries with different modes of action. “Resistance management guidelines state that Vayego should only be applied to one generation of codling moth,” Fox says. “By targeting the petal fall to the early December period, Vayego will only be applied to generation 1, which fits into the recommended guidelines, and will protect insect management for the future.”  

Over many years of trials, Vayego has also shown a high level of crop safety, both when applied on its own, or when mixed with a wide range of tank mix partners. 

For more detail, contact your local Bayer territory manager.

Vayego® is a registered trademark of the Bayer Group.

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