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Quick brown-out for effective weed control

Published on 31/01/2020

Controlling a broad spectrum of weed species including mallows, nettles, staggerweed, water pepper and willow weed, Hammer Force is best utilised in a tank mix with systemic and knockdown herbicides in the fallow or with compatible herbicides in cereal or grass seed crops.

FMC New Zealand commercial manager, Mark Christie, says the herbicide works particularly well because of its speed of control. “Hammer Force desiccates and controls weeds through a process of membrane disruption. It is rapidly absorbed through the foliage and green stems of plants. “The foliage of susceptible plants show signs of desiccation within a few hours following application and death of the weed or plant tissue follows within a few days.”

Mark Christie says it is particularly useful in the lead-up to planting with its quick brown out helping to preserve moisture and providing for a cleaner seed bed. “There is a zero grazing and withholding period after use of Hammer Force so growers can utilise that area immediately after application.”

It is often utilised as a cost-effective spike in conjunction with glyphosate or other knockdown herbicides, he says. “While Hammer Force has the ability to control a wide range of broad leaf weeds, we would recommend its use with other herbicides for cross spectrum control across both broad leaf and grass weed species. “There have been many trials conducted showing the broader and enhanced weed control of Hammer Force applied in conjunction with glyphosate.”

The list of weeds effectively controlled with the Hammer Force and glyphosate mix includes shepherd’s purse, staggerweed, storksbill, tall willow herb, water pepper, willow weed, wireweed, brassicas, bur medic, cleavers, cornbind, creeping buttercup, creeping mallow, nettles, oxtongue, purple mallow, purslane, rayless chamomile, redroot, scrambling speedwell, fathen, field pansy, fumitory, giant knotweed, hawksbeard, mallows and medics.

Hammer Force can also be used as a selective pasture herbicide and useful in helping control weeds that can cause animal health problems including staggerweed. “Use Hammer Force with phenoxy or SU herbicides plus an adjuvant for control of certain broadleaf weeds in established pasture. It can also be utilised in cereal crop in conjunction with other herbicides.”

Hammer Force is rainfast within one hour and has an excellent environmental and toxicological profile. Application for broadleaf weed control should target small actively growing weeds. Rates from 50 mL/ha through to 100 mL/ha are available and are dependent on the weed size, type and conditions at application.

Hammer Force is an ideal product to clean paddocks in the lead-up to sowing or be utilised in cereals or pastures to control weeds during this period, Christie says.

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