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Putting the extra into 2,4-D – introducing Synergy 2,4-D Extra

Published on 23/04/2020

“Synergy 2,4_D Extra is unique,” says general manager Peter Westaway, “and represents the new way forward for effective weed control in pasture. ”Traditional weed control relies heavily on MCPA and 2,4-D, which has remained the mainstay of weed control for decades, he says. “2,4-D remains highly competitive in terms of both performance and cost. “However, we have developed a new product which takes 2,4-D to the next level.

“2,4-D is extremely good on common pasture weeds such as thistles, ragwort and seedling dock, but can be hit-and-miss on buttercup, and does a poor job on other common pasture weeds such as chickweed and mallow,” he continues.

Orion AgriScience has optimised its performance by combining it in-can with a spike off flumetsulam, which does a good job on weeds such as buttercup, chickweed and mallow. By combining both active ingredients into a single product, Orion AgriScience has developed a herbicide with one of the widestweed spectrums on the market today, Westaway says.

It also allows Orion AgriScience the opportunity to present the market with a cost effective option for pasture weed control, compared to the alternative of tank mixing separate products.

Synergy 2,4_D Extra can be 
used on both new and established pasture, with a use rate of 2.5 L per ha for new pasture, and 4 – 5 L per ha for established pasture. 

During spring, Orion worked with a number of growers and contractors up and down the country with product evaluations and demonstration trials. “The results were really pleasing, and we received a lot of good feedback.” 

One of those contractors using the product for the first time was Layton Hammond, a ground spray Contractor from Marton. “All the farmers spoken to post application were very happy with the results. The product mixed easy and there were no problems with applications. Great results on giant buttercup, with excellent results on all weed spectrums at seedling/young plant growth stage. I would definitely use it again with confidence,” he says.

Craig Partridge, of C & C Partnership, South Taranaki, is a grower who was also pleased with the way the new herbicide performed. “Synergy 2,4_D Extra was applied on new March planted pasture (including clover species) after light first grazing with heifers, which was not too damaging, and used as a clean up spray. Great results, as I have not needed to repeat or do another follow up spray, which I normally would need to. The paddock was clean,” he says.

An added advantage of Synergy 2,4_D Extra is that by combining two active ingredients with different modes of action, the opportunity for resistance to occur is reduced. 

Synergy 2,4_D Extra is available this autumn. For more information, contact your Orion AgriScience territory manager or phone Orion on 0800 674 6627

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