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Stop the weed invasion now

Published on 28/06/2019

But timely intervention with proven products and good advice will make all the difference.

That’s the message from Richard Brenton- Rule, lower North Island sales manager for Corteva Agriscience, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont.
He says grass is not the only thing that has benefited from excellent growing conditions during summer.
“Weed pressure in existing pastures is very high in some regions, and with plenty of hay and silage being cut the true impact of weeds has only become apparent in the past month or so.”
Among the culprits are nuisance broadleaf species such as buttercup, Californian thistle, dock and oxeye daisy.
Brenton-Rule says the challenge with those perennials is that they burst back into life in spring, and by then farmers are typically so busy with lambing and calving and spring in general there’s no time or chance to spot spray pastures, even though they don’t like seeing those weeds there.
“Autumn is a bit quieter, and it also coincides with the time that many weed species draw energy reserves down to their roots or rhizomes to carry them over to spring, which increases the herbicide’s systemic action.”
In other words, now is a golden opportunity to nail these hard to kill invaders while they’re still growing, using Tordon Pasture-
Boss or Tordon 2G Gold.
A key strength for aminopyralid, one of the active ingredients in Tordon PastureBoss, is that it is highly systemic in itself, so an autumn spray really helps kill weeds from the roots up.
It also controls a very wide range of weeds, which is why Brenton-Rule says it has become a go-to for lifestyle block owners and small block holders.
“In many cases what we’re finding is that with Tordon PastureBoss, these customers only need one herbicide in their shed, because there are not many weeds it does not control. We sell a lot of 1 litre and 5 litre packs into this market.”
Tordon 2G Gold meantime is a granular broadleaf herbicide formulation that offers farmers an easy way to keep on top of low
density weed infestations as they see them from the ute or bike, when moving stock or otherwise travelling around the property.
As a spot treatment, it can be applied by hand, with a weed stick or via a prill applicator.

“You don’t have to carry a knapsack, or remember to come back later to treat the weeds. All you have to do is carry some Tordon 2G Gold in or on the vehicle.”

For more detail, talk to your Corteva AgriScience territory sales manager.

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