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Maximise autumn sowing with high performance glyphosate

Published on 28/02/2019

A thorough spray out removes competition and kills any persistent grass weeds like couch, which have survived the summer
cropping process.
It also ensures the development of a thick, healthy sward of new pasture which, in turn, helps prevent future weed ingression and enhances pasture persistence.
There is, however, only one opportunity to achieve all these benefits.
Once the paddock is sown, it’s too late to eliminate grass weeds or undesirable grass species such as browntop.
Fortunately, WeedMaster TS540 from New Zealand glyphosate specialist Nufarm has all the technical attributes farmers need to make a top job of pre-plant spraying this season.
That’s the advice from Nufarm technical specialist Paul Addison.
He says a patented formulation containing 540 g/litre glyphosate, combined with Nufarm’s unique Twin Salt technology, gives WeedMaster TS540 fast, powerful performance in NZ conditions.
“Regardless of whether you’re sowing new pastures in a grass to grass situation, or excrop, you want good establishment and great results. WeedMaster is an essential first step towards achieving those results, for both short-term and perennial ryegrasses.”
Because it contains both the potassium and isopropylamine salts, it provides excellent efficacy and consistent results in the
field, Addison says.
It is designed to beat the plant's natural defence system with fast uptake and translocation.
That means a lethal dose can be delivered to the stem and root system before the plant has time to fight back, even under the most challenging of growing conditions.
The result is complete control of target species.
Helping WeedMaster TS540 achieve this is an exclusive blended in-can surfactant which has been specifically designed for
Nufarm's high load multi salt glyphosate technology.
Known as Activate, this surfactant accelerates herbicide uptake through the waxy leaf cuticle to get the active ingredient into the sap transport system more rapidly.
WeedMaster TS540, when tank mixed with Pulse Penetrant, should deliver commercially acceptable weed control even if rain occurs just 20 minutes after application.
“That's good news for anyone spraying out in changeable autumn weather conditions,” Addison says.
Other benefits of the high strength formulation include less product and packaging to transport, store and dispose of.
Low-foam, it’s easy to pour and mix, which means even more efficiency and reduced turnaround time. Once tank mixed it, remains effective for five days (remember to add more Pulse). This gives greater flexibility with less wastage, and it has excellent low temperature storage ability.
WeedMaster TS540 has an extensive range of labeled use situations, including the ability to graze, cultivate or drill 24 hours after treatment for annual weeds, and three days for perennial weeds.
For more detail, contact your Nufarm territory manager.

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