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The pre-emergence herbicide you've been waiting for.

Published on 12/12/2018

Adrian Rigby, Nufarm territory manager for Hawke’s Bay, says grape growers will be the first to benefit this season, because Chateau’s release coincides with optimum use timing for vineyard applications.
But pipfruit, stonefruit and kiwifruit growers already have their eye on Chateau for next spring.
“There’s been a great deal of interest in this product during development. We know growers from several sectors have been waiting for final registration just as eagerly as we have, because it’s a step change for them in terms of weed management.”
Chateau contains 500g/kg flumioxazin, a Group E herbicide which provides both an extremely effective alternative mode of action (MOA) for use in herbicide resistance management strategies and effective control of a wide range of key weeds.
Chateau forms a protective barrier on the soil surface which effectively prevents the emergence of a wide range of both grass and broadleaf annual and perennial weeds after their seeds germinate.
Weeds controlled include many which are poorly controlled by some knockdown herbicides e.g. mallows, tall willow herb, stinging nettle.
When applied as per label instructions, it controls weeds for 4-8 months, and has been proven to be safe on both established and young trees and vines (trees must be 1 year before first application; vines must be 2 years).
“It stays in place until rainfall or irrigation releases its activity – it does not leach or volatalise,” Adrian Rigby adds. “When used as directed, no residues occur in fruit or vine foliage, and it poses no threat to soil health, including having no negative effects on earth worms and soil microorganisms.”
Safe and effective on a wide range of soil types, Chateau has the further benefit of coming in pre-packaged water soluble bags, so no weighing or handling is required.
• Apply Chateau at 700-840g/ha prior to flowering for all crops except pears. (Pears - apply before bud break.) The high rate
(840g/ha) will provide more persistent weed control especially in high rainfall regions.
• Apply only to bare soil. Remove large or dense vegetation with a suitable knockdown herbicide before applying Chateau. Allow sufficient time for these weeds to die down before applying Chateau.
• An effective knockdown herbicide should be tank mixed with Chateau if small weeds are present at application.
• Chateau should be applied to moist soil and requires at least 15mm rainfall or irrigation within 3 weeks of application to fully activate the herbicide.
• Apply at the correct timing as per the label to prevent contact with foliage or fruit.
• Before application, check and calibrate the sprayer. Chateau must be applied using a ground based, low boom with a coarse droplet spray. Ensure sprayers have the correct nozzles and pressures to achieve a coarse droplet spray.
• Avoid applying when wind or other environmental conditions are likely to cause droplets to drift onto the crop.
For more detail contact your Nufarm territory manager.

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