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Sledge hammer brassica weeds with new spray programme

Published on 19/11/2018

Arysta LifeScience (formerly Etec Crop Solutions) says it has pioneered pre-emergent weed control in forage brassicas with
its innovative Three M herbicide programme.
Incorporating the three ‘M’s of Monarch herbicide (containing picloram and clopyralid), Magister CS herbicide (containing clomazone) and moisture (rainfall), the programme has helped New Zealand farmers to avoid costly salvage post emergent herbicide applications and thereby maximise crop yields.
“This year Arysta LifeScience is pleased to introduce its 4M forage brassica pre-emergent programme with the introduction
of Merit herbicide,” says Darren Faire, marketing and business development manager.
Merit contains the active ingredient alachlor and its addition to the 3M programme adds serious flexibility and bolsters control of problem weeds such as spurrey (yarr).
“It’s all about choosing the right tool for the job,” Faire says.
“Growers now have the flexibility to choose the right weed control tool and rate for the job, based on a site’s specific soil type and/or weed history.
“The 4M approach enables agronomists to mix and match solutions, or combine all three herbicides – Magister CS, Monarch and Merit for a broad, ‘sledge hammer’ weed control programme.”
The 4M programme is the flexible approach to forage brassica weed control offering four active ingredients in three different ‘M’ products plus moisture.
Benefits include excellent weed control pre-emergence before the crop is affected by weed pressure; compatibility with glyphosate and flexibility to adjust rates and combinations (refer to technote for detail).
“Users can choose either Magister and Merit (the spurrey specialist), Magister and Monarch (for fathen and nightshade) or the sledgehammer, all three tank mixed for robust, broader spectrum weed control,” Faire says.
Faire says feedback from farmers who have used the 4M programme has been positive.
One example comes from Hayden Pomeroy who farms 720 ha near Bainham in Golden Bay.
With a history of significant weed challenge in previous brassica crops, Hayden was advised by his rural retail technical field representative to consider using the 4M programme.
The strategy was to use the 4M pre-emergence herbicide programme and eliminate the need for any post emergence weed sprays.
The 4M programme was applied to a firm, fine seedbed. Pomeroy timed the 4M applications to a forecasted rain event the next day.
At 10 weeks post drilling, no post emergent herbicide had been required.
“It is a perfect crop and the evenness of it and the fact that it has not had to have any post emergent weed sprays which can check the crop, is a real bonus. The whole growing of this year’s rape crop was so much simpler.
Would I use the 4M programme again? Absolutely! It’s a nobrainer,” he says.
Darren Faire says Arysta LifeScience is excited about bringing the benefits of the 4M pre-emergence weed control programme to NZ forage brassica growers.
To help promote 4M this season it is giving farmers the opportunity to win an UBCO electric farm bike (terms and conditions apply) based on purchases of Magister CS, Monarch and Merit herbicides from participating rural retail stores.
For more detail contact your local Arysta LifeScience regional manager.

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