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Elatus Plus offers step change in disease control for wheat

Published on 30/10/2017

Containing a solo SDHI – Solatenol - Elatus Plus is approved for use in wheat for the control of leaf rust, stripe rust, speckled leaf blotch (Septoria tritici) and glume blotch (Septoria nodorum).

The ‘Plus’ in the name highlights the need to apply the solo SDHI product ‘Plus’ a DMI mixing partner for resistance management and curative activity.

However, the ‘Plus’ could also refer to more yield, because that’s what growers can expect when they use Elatus Plus in wheat, according to Syngenta.

“Elatus Plus is one of those products that really stands out in the field,” says Syngenta territory manager Sam Livesey.

“In over 25 replicated trials in New Zealand over the past six seasons, Elatus Plus has consistently performed better than comparison fungicides, giving longer lasting green leaf area and exceptional control of both rust and Septoria, with increased yields.”

The confidence Syngenta has in the performance of Elatus Plus is backed by extensive local and global research over the past 11 years.

This includes biokinetic studies and microscopy work to understand how Septoria and rust can impact yield by causing damage inside the plant, all before signs of damage can be seen on the leaf surface.

This work has reinforced the benefit of using Elatus Plus in a preventative fungicide programme at both T1 and T2 (flag leaf) to get on top of Septoria and rust, before the damage is done.

“We have seen yield increases of up to 0.5 tonnes per ha with Elatus Plus (plus DMI) over competitor SDHI/DMI fungicide mixtures. With Elatus Plus being a solo SDHI, the choice of mixing partner is up to the grower based on disease pressure, cost per hectare, and crop yield potential,” says Sam Livesey.

“It’s important to maintain robust rates of the DMI mixing partner with any SDHI fungicide, to reduce the risk of resistance to SDHI chemistry, and this also means not applying Elatus Plus (or any other SDHI fungicide) more than twice per season.

“We have seen significant benefits mixing Elatus Plus with a 1 litre per ha rate of epoxiconazole compared to lower rates of epoxi. We expect this to be the most popular mixing partner for Elatus Plus, because it’s so cost effective.

“However, we have also had excellent results mixing Elatus Plus with 600-800 ml of prothioconazole, or 1 L per ha of the prothioconazole/tebuconazole mixture. The mixing partner choice is totally up to the grower and their agronomist,” says Livesey.

Syngenta recommends use of Amistar air induction nozzles for applying Elatus Plus, using water rates of 100-150 litres per ha.

The Amistar nozzle is designed to counter the forward speed on the sprayer, resulting in improved plant coverage and better penetration into the crop. This results in more chemical reaching lower leaves three and four, where Septoria can spread from to infect the all-important flag leaf.

Amistar nozzles can be purchased from Syngenta resellers for $12.95 plus GST each. They are also available free to growers who purchase qualifying amounts of Elatus Plus or other Syngenta products.

“In the UK, Amistar nozzles have been shown to increase yield by up to 0.5 t per ha over standard flat fan nozzles. If you combine this with the yield benefits of Elatus Plus, it’s a very exciting prospect,” Sam says.

Elatus Plus comes in 10 litre containers with a use rate of 0.75 L per ha. It is approved for use in wheat with a withholding period of 42 days for grain, and 28 days for silage.

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