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SP registration a first for fodder beet

Published on 12/10/2016

That’s thanks to a new label claim for control of greasy cutworm in fodder beet for Kaiso 50WG, the innovative SP formulation from Nufarm.
No other SP insecticides are currently registered for use in fodder beet, making this an important new development for retailers in a rapidly growing market.
Nufarm product manager Duncan Ibbotson says cutworm is a known problem in beet and can be quite damaging early in the life of the crop because beet takes so much longer to establish than other fodder species like brassicas.
Kaiso 50WG has been tested for compatibility with Nufarm’s recently introduced beet herbicides Betasana Trio and Metafol SC, and can be tank mixed with these products to provide control of both weeds and cutworm in one application from the expanded cotyledon stage.
Complementing Kaiso in the Nufarm beet insecticide package is Attack, which is registered for use against springtails, leaf
miner, Argentine stem weevil, Nysius, and aphids.
Ibbotson says as well as offering the only SP beet insecticide option, Kaiso has some distinct user benefits that have already
made it a popular choice in a wide range of brassica and vegetable crops.
Kaiso 50WG contains 50g/kg of the active ingredient lambda-cyhalothrin but its key point of difference is that it is formulated as
an emulsifiable granule, not an emulsifiable concentrate (EC) or suspension concentrate (SC), like other products currently available with the same active.
It features Nufarm’s revolutionary Sorbie Technology which allows an EC to be loaded onto a water dispersible granule.
The end result has all the user friendly handling and mixing attributes of a WG, including stability, volumetric measuring and enhanced operator safety e.g. no splash, non flammable and easy clean up if spilt.
However it functions with the same efficacy parameters as an EC formulation when it is mixed with water, he says.
“Farmers and contractors have been quick to welcome the formulation benefits, saying that it measures, dissolves and mixes easily, with no dust to worry about and no rinsing of measuring jugs or containers required.”
The recommended rate for Kaiso in fodder beet is 200 g per ha, applied at the seedling stage.
For more detail contact your Nufarm territory manager.

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