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Protect yields with new fungicide

Published on 08/12/2016

Formulated as a suspension concentrate (SC), Mondo combines two active ingredients, trifloxystrobin and cyproconazole, for both protectant and systemic activity against rust, powdery mildew, Cercospora and Ramularia leaf spot.
Zelam business development manager Mike Swift says the company’s trial work with Mondo on New Zealand beet crops has seen positive yield responses in excess of 1000 kg DM per ha.
This is supported by overseas data showing significant increases in overall yield when a fungicide programme is implemented as part of best practice.
“Along with the positive yield response the associated feed value of the bulbs and leaves are also enhanced with the use of Mondo, leading to a more valuable yielding crop overall,” he adds.
Mondo should be applied 350 mL per ha at the first signs of crop infestation and has the added benefit of being compatible in tank
mixtures with Zelam beet products such as Beetrix, Cyhella, and the Headland foliar nutrient product Boron150.
A second subsequent application can be made should the crop continue to show signs of disease, however not within 21 days of the first application.
The new fungicide extends Zelam’s beet range and complements Beetrix, the company’s triple mix herbicide comprising metamitron, phenmedipham and ethofumesate which was developed to be tough on weeds yet safe on the crop.
Mike Swift says fodder beet’s increasing popularity as a high value supplementary feed for all stock classes has helped drive Zelam’s product development in this category.
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Alternaria on fodder beet leaves

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