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Popular campaign returns for 2016

Published on 08/12/2016

The Milk It campaign acknowledges the current situation affecting dairy farming, which is an important segment for the product, says marketing manager Nick Koch.
From now until 31 December, customers who purchase 20 litres of Tordon Pastureboss receive a bonus five litres extra, free of
charge, while those who purchase five litres receive one litre extra free of charge.
“We’ve made it really simple for everyone involved,” adds Nick Koch. “When the stores put in an order of four x 20L drums, we automatically add the bonus five litre packs at the time of shipment. The same applies to the smaller sizes – for every order of 12 x five litres of product, they also receive 12 x one litre at the same time.”
It’s not a cheap offer for the manufacturer, but last year’s initiative saw so much Tordon Pastureboss get into the hands of farmers who might have otherwise opted for different options that it’s worth running again, he says.
“Once they try it, they’re keen to keep on using it, because the results are so good.”
And with Californian thistles in particular expected to be a real issue on farm this season, he says the product’s performance against this weed will again stand it in good stead.
“Aminopyralid, which is a key component of Tordon Pastureboss, is highly effective at controlling weeds with large root systems,
because it acts both above and below ground and accumulates in the growing points of the plant, preventing production of further thistles.”
Californian thistle displays only 10 per cent of its biomass above the ground as thistles, while the remaining 90 per cent is a huge
underground root system. It is an very costly pasture weed for New Zealand pastoral farmers.
Trials have demonstrated high level of control from a single application of Tordon Pastureboss.
For more detail contact your Dow AgroSciences territory manager.

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