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Apache takes brushweed control to new heights

Published on 08/12/2016

Apache was designed and developed specifically to provide long term control of hard to kill perennial broadleaf and brushweeds, and contains two active ingredients, aminopyralid and metsulfuron methyl.
Dow AgroSciences marketing manager Nick Koch says there has never been a more powerful product of its kind.
“Containing 375gm aminopyralid, Apache offers, fast knock-down and long lasting residual control of a wide spectrum of hard to kill brush and perennial weeds at low application rates.”
The new herbicide has excellent pre-emergence activity, therefore suppressing the germination of new weed seedlings after application.
This significant attribute reduces the need for retreatment of secondary invasive broadleaf weeds which would otherwise populate where larger weeds once stood, Nick Koch says.
“This is an important benefit as desired grasses are able to quickly re-establish without competition.”
Marlborough contractor Ben Minehan has been trialling Apache Herbicide for the control of broom, gorse, blackberry, hawthorn
and common barberry and has been positively impressed with the results.
“Apache has proved to be an excellent choice for brushweed control as it controls a wide weed control spectrum, dosen’t damage native pasture and provides good residual control, killing weed seedlings as they emerge.
“The problem we have had here in Marlborough is that the predominant invasive weed species on our hill country are broom, gorse, blackberry, hawthorn and common barberry. These brushweeds take over marginal hill country and if left uncontrolled, they form dense thickets which become impenetrable to grazing stock.”
Until now, common barberry could only be controlled using a glyphosate herbicide applied between January and April.
Unfortunately, such products kill all desirable pasture and provide no residual control of emerging weed seedlings.
“Spraying common barberry with glyphosate herbicide controls all the desirable pasture around bushes resulting in a flush of barberry seedlings and thistles which colonise the bare ground.
“Now all of our major pastoral brushweeds can be controlled using the one selective, residual product.
“It will also control old mans beard, matagouri, manuka and kanuka if required. More trial work is being carried out to determine
exact application rates and timing for common barberry, but Apache is an exciting breakthrough in the control of brushweeds on
pastoral hill country,” Minehan says.
Nick Koch says Dow AgroSciences is pleased to be able to bring a powerful new option to the NZ market, and anticipates
strong interest from both merchants and end users during the coming spray season.
“This is an effective, highly efficient tool to help farmers maintain and enhance the productivity of their land. We believe Apache sets a new standard in the brushweed herbicide market.”
Apache is also recommended for use in a range of industrial vegetation management (IVM) situations including roads, rights of way and natural land management areas.
For more detail contact your Dow AgroSciences territory manager.

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