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The ultimate selective herbicide for new pasture

Published on 13/02/2015

Tribal Gold is a new herbicide specially formulated for New Zealand pasture conditions and is the only product of its type available.

This new selective herbicide combines three key active ingredients in one can to control broadleaf weeds that often compromise new pasture performance, especially in those early stages of establishment prior to the first full grazing.

Nufarm technical specialist, Paul Addison says the co-formulation of MCPA, MCPB and flumetsulam was created after the company noticed a common trend in weed species in pasture renewal programmes.

Local trials have showed this combination of active ingredients consistently provided the highest level of early broadleaf weed control in new pasture prior to the first grazing.

“The most important feature for farmers is that Tribal Gold has a broader weed spectrum than other MCPA/MCPA mixed formulations.

“This is a result of including flumetsulam in the mix, which provides control of a large number of seedling weeds including buttercup, chickweed, seedling cornbind, cleavers, spurrey and storksbill, to name a few.”

Other species controlled include black nightshade, docks, fathen, hedge mustard, mayweed, mallow, plantain, redroot, shepherd’s purse, thistles, twin cress, willow weed and wireweed.

Up until now killing such weeds typically required two or more herbicides to be applied to newly sown grass and clover, Addison says.

“Tank mixes have been effective, but obviously it’s much more efficient to just use one product, especially in the early stages of pasture establishment.

“Once broadleaf weeds get past the seedling stage, it takes more herbicide to ensure a good kill, so anything that makes it easier for farmers to control weeds when they’re small and vulnerable makes good financial sense.”

Another benefit for farmers is Tribal Gold’s relative kindness to grass and clover, Addison says.

“It displays outstanding early weed control, without killing young clover. Some temporary clover suppression may occur, but recovery is rapid.”

It’s also rainfast in two hours, which can make a big difference when farmers are trying to spray paddocks in changeable spring and autumn weather.

Tribal Gold’s features are not just limited to new pasture, however – Addison says it can also be used to control broadleaf weeds in established pasture.

Pack sizes are 20L and 200L.

For more detail contact your Nufarm territory manager.

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