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Proven technology best bet for grass grub control

Published on 10/12/2015

“Controlling grass grub is not easy,” points out R&D specialist Cynthia Christie. “You’re dealing with a pest that lives underground and is far from predictable in terms of timing.
“Last year in Canterbury for example, there were none around in autumn, when we’d normally expect them, but by June, they were everywhere.”
Hence the importance of retailers being able to supply farmers a reliable, tested product that both they and their customers can be confident will protect their spring sowing investment, particularly for perennial pastures.
After 24 years on the market, suSCon Green remains the only controlled release formulation of its type, Christie points out.
The tiny green polymer granule, which is drilled down the spout with the seed, is impregnated with chlorpyrifos which is control released into the surrounding soil for up to three years after application, protecting expensive new grass from being wiped out by grass grub.
More and more farmers are making suSCon an integral part of their pasture renewal planning and budgeting, as opposed to a discretionary purchase, Christie says.
“It’s a given for those guys. They’re the ones who can see the medium term gains, and who value not having to worry about spraying grass grub every year for three years. It’s a head ache they don’t want.”
Because of its length of activity, suSCon Green is ideal on farms where grass grub has either already been an issue, or is expected to pose a risk this year.
“We know it can be a big help where grass grub is a problem, and where farmers are trying to get on top of it. It’s certainly an important consideration as part of planning successful establishment of new pastures.”
The recommended application rate is 15kg per ha, and retailers and field reps need to make sure farmers realise it’s important they don’t reduce this, she says.
“There’s no point dropping the rate back. You don’t get the life out of the product. It’s a bit like slug bait, coverage is everything.”
For more detail contact your Nufarm territory manager.

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