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No room for nuisance weeds in established pastures

Published on 08/04/2015

That’s the message from leading crop protection supplier Nufarm heading into autumn.
It says its world first, patented phenoxy herbicide formulation Sprinter 700DS is just the product to make cleaning up established pastures easy and cost effective.
Sprinter 700DS is a new generation liquid phenoxy with a unique, dual salt formulation that has been developed to provide farmers a new tool to time their phenoxy herbicide applications more closely in conjunction with broadleaf weed germination.
It is recommended for use in both autumn and spring to rid established pastures of nuisance weeds like storksbill, dandelion, dock, thistle and ragwort.
Unlike older, 2,4-D ester phenoxy herbicides, which have traditionally been limited to winter applications to minimise clover damage, Sprinter can be used when weeds are young, actively growing and typically at a sensitive stage of growth for more effective control.
Nufarm says it is helping farmers become more flexible and productive in their spray programme to maintain high value, weed free grazing.
“The introduction of Sprinter 700DS provides farmers with the right tool to bring phenoxy herbicide application forward into the warmer autumn months.”
Key benefits include ease of use; strong compatibility with companion products; excellent translocation of active ingredient through plant tissue and good weed control.
Sprinter 700DS will not crystallise under cold conditions, so there is less risk of spray equipment blockages; and it is not volatile thus providing pastoral farmers an alternative phenoxy herbicide in regions where the use of 2,4-D ethylhexyl ester formulations is subject to local body regulations, like Northland and Gisborne; or where sensitive crops have become more widespread.
“More farmers are switching their established pasture weed control programmes from the traditional winter spray to a wider seasonal window for several reasons.
“The advent of high quality amine formulations allows farmers to target a group of weeds that the traditional ester products could not be used on because of the excessive clover damage.
“Weeds dominating pastures in spring are not present in winter months when ester formulations are used and until recent times
farmers have not had effective tools to bring these under control.”
Nufarm research with 2,4-D amine products has demonstrated that significant production losses can occur with spring weed invasion. Where necessary, Sprinter 700DS can be mixed with a wide range of companion products, including Archer, Bonza, Kamba 500 and Valdo 800WG.
For more detail contact your local Nufarm territory manager.

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