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Nailing down weed control in forage crops.

Published on 25/09/2015

Nail EC from Nufarm NZ contains the active ingredient carfentrazone-ethyl which is a popular tank mixing partner for both
systemic and knockdown herbicides to improve both the range of weeds controlled and the speed of knockdown.

Nufarm's Paul Addison says at this time of year, it’s a powerful and cost effective mixing partner for the WeedMaster glyphosate range as farmers spray out paddocks for spring sowing.

A key feature is its nil plantback period, which not only allows farmers to stay on the same schedule as if they were just applying
WeedMaster on its own, with no delays, but also gives them a new choice for spraying out ahead of sowing fodder beet.

“Fodder beet seed is notoriously sensitive to any residual soil herbicides with potential plantback delays of months depending on which product is used,” Addison says.

Nail EC boosts the control of several broadleaf weed species for which glyphosate alone is not always adequate, particularly mallows but also seedling storksbill and nettle.

Such preparation is particularly important this season, as farmers look for ways to improve financial performance without compromising animal production.

“It’s often said that there is little difference between the cost of growing a low yielding crop, and a high yielding one.

“But the high yielding crop will always win when it comes to profitability, because every kilogram of drymatter (DM) that it delivers will dilute farmers’ overall costs of production as measured in cents per kg DM.

“So there’s real focus on making every post a winning post this season, and that includes giving forage crops every opportunity to realise their potential yield.”

For more detail phone your Nufarm territory manager.

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