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Insect challenge ahead for new pasture

Published on 13/02/2015

Relatively mild winter weather has ensured a high level of insect survival, both as overwintering adults or eggs.

As a result, insect populations will be high by the time we move into autumn and start sowing new pastures.

It doesn’t matter if the main threat is black beetle in the North Island or Argentine stem weevil (ASW) and grass grub throughout the country, the threat of insect attack needs to be taken seriously.

If left uncontrolled, insect attack will damage your customers’ investment in new pastures.

Even though projected prices for the milk payout do not look positive, it still makes sense to protect what is a considerable investment when establishing new pastures.

A new pasture is not designed to last for one year - it has to be productive for a number of years and this means looking after it from the start.

Begin by choosing a high quality endophyte containing seed. Endophytes in ryegrass will provide excellent protection against attack by both ASW and black beetle, but not by grass grub.

However, endophytes take time to establish and to reach a high enough concentration within the plant to confer protection and so additional protection is required for the first six to eight weeks of the crop’s life.

This is why seed protection is so essential if you’re embarking on pasture renewal.

Having Poncho applied to farmers’ grass seed will give a high level of protection against attack by ASW, black beetle and grass grub from sowing until it has safely established.

On planting, Poncho is released immediately from the seed and quickly surrounds it with a protective halo.

As the seed germinates and grows it absorbs Poncho from the protective halo via its roots. Poncho is then transported from the roots to the foliage ensuring protection of the entire plant.

Five reasons to protect your farmers' grass seed with Poncho:

1. As a seed treatment Poncho is applied to the seed, not the soil, meaning low application rates, less sprays and less area being treated.

2. Poncho provides broad spectrum insect control through the first weeks of crop establishment.

3. Poncho boosts establishment of the plant better and faster than untreated seed.

4. Poncho simplifies management by reducing the need to apply an insecticide at, or soon after planting.

5. Poncho is simple: Bayer SeedGrowth application specialists take care of the seed treatment process.

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