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Growers welcome new insecticide claim for aphids

Published on 10/12/2015

Already a key component of many growers’ management programmes for tomato/potato psyllid, Movento OD is now registered for control of aphids in potatoes as well.
Bayer CropScience territory manager David Parker, based in Canterbury, says it’s a welcome development for growers nationwide, with the added bonus of significant efficiency and convenience.
“Aphids are another serious pest of potatoes because they can vector virus disease. “The good news in this instance is that they
are commonly present on potatoes at the same time as pysllid, so with the new label claim growers can conveniently target them both at once with a Movento application.
“The aphid label claim is included alongside the pysllid recommended use, with same application timings and use rate,” he adds.
Another plus for Movento OD is that it is ideal for growers who want to practice IPM programmes, because it is harmless or only slightly harmful to the key beneficial psyllid predators, namely lacewings and hoverflies.
Estimated to have cost NZ’s potato industry up to $60 million since it was first identified here in 2008, psyllid shares with aphids the status of being a so-called ‘hidden’ pest, in that they are both usually found on the underside of plant leaves or within the crop in places that are difficult to target directly with spray applications.
David Parker says its unique two-way systemicity means Movento OD can target these pests that are not directly contacted by the insecticide when it is sprayed onto the crop.
“The active ingredient moves both upwards and downwards, so it can reach pests that cannot be targeted with spray coverage.”
Due to its mode of action, which targets developmentstages of the pests, and its strong systemic activity, Movento OD is recommended for use early in the season on an actively growing crop and a developing pest population.
“The oil dispersion (OD) formulation is fully adjuvenated, so the use of additional adjuvants is not required. However it’s important
for growers to ensure complete spray coverage is achieved,” Parker says.
Because it is derived from a new chemical group, with a unique mode of action, this insecticide also provides growers an excellent resistance management tool, but no more than three applications of Movento OD should be used per season, he points out.
Movento OD is available in 5 litre packs.

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