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Firebird now even more convenient for 2015

Published on 08/04/2015

Bayer has responded, first by replacing the original 3 L pack with a 5 L pack in 2012 and now by adding a second, larger 10 L pack for 2015. With a dose rate of 300 ml per ha the new packs offer efficacies of scale with the 10 L pack sufficient to treat over 30 ha and the 5 L pack treating over 15 ha.
Fewer, larger packs resulting in easier transport and less waste to dispose of is just what the farmer ordered, it seems.
Following its introduction Firebird quickly became the foundation of most farmers’ autumn herbicide programmes.
Firebird has achieved this by consistently delivering effective control of a broad spectrum of broad leaved weeds along with annual poa and vulpia hair grass.
Combine this with the ease of pre-emergence application applied at one rate and the result is a very convenient herbicide.
“If conditions are suitable for drilling then they are suitable for applying Firebird,” says David Parker, regional business manager for Bayer CropScience in Mid and North Canterbury.
“This is a major part of Firebird’s success because by spraying straight away we know the product has been applied as it should
be – before the crop and weeds have germinated. Spraying immediately after planting also allows farmers to concentrate on more pressing jobs during the autumn and winter.”
David Weith, regional business manager for Mid-South Canterbury agrees but adds that seedbed preparation is also very important for Firebird to deliver effective weed control.
“What we are looking for is a firm, ideally moist seedbed with no clods,” comments David. “This allows the herbicide to be evenly
distributed and it stops large clods shielding the ground from Firebird.
“Avoiding large clods also removes the problem of large clods breaking up during the winter exposing untreated soil. We have
to ensure there is no safe haven for weed seeds to lurk!”
Asked whether farmers could effectively grow winter cereals without Firebird both Davids agree that while possible, it would be
difficult. “Vulpia hair grass is such a difficult weed to control and it is very important to avoid contamination of seed by this grassweed.”

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