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Cutting corners with sprayout false economy

Published on 13/02/2015

That’s the message from long standing glyphosate specialist Nufarm NZ as farmers head into the autumn sowing season.

“A thorough kill of existing grass and grass weeds is vital in successful autumn pasture renewal, especially where low value grass species such as browntop have contributed to the paddock in question being selected for renewal in the first place,” says development specialist Cynthia Christie.

Even if the paddock was sprayed in spring, prior to crop being established, grass weeds can become re-established over summer and will quickly out-compete newly-emerged pasture seedlings after autumn sowing.

“By then it’s too late to remedy the problem, and instead of productive, profitable new pasture farmers can find themselves facing the loss of quality and persistence faster than expected.”

The best advice retailers can give is to ensure their customers make every post a winning post this autumn.

“With product prices looking the way they are, few farmers can afford not to get the very best out of their investment in fertiliser, pasture seed and paddock preparation.”

Fortunately Weedmaster TS540 has everything farmers need for fast, effective results in NZ conditions, she says.

With its patented formulation containing 540g/L glyphosate, plus Nufarm’s unique Twin Salt technology and an exclusive blended in can surfactant, the new product is tailor made for superior autumn spray out.

“Farmers love it for its reliable, powerful performance but they also really like both its user-friendly packaging and the fact that it is backed by one of the most experienced crop protection teams in the industry.”

With both the potassium and isopropylamine salts, Weedmaster TS540 is designed to beat the plant's natural defence system with fast uptake and translocation.

That means a lethal dose can be delivered to the stem and root system before the plant has time to fight back, even under the most challenging of growing conditions.

Helping it achieve this high level of performance is the Activate in-can surfactant which the Nufarm R&D team developed to complement Weedmaster TS540’s high loading of active ingredients.

It accelerates the plant's uptake of herbicide through the waxy cuticle on the outside of the leaf. This enables the active ingredient to quickly reach the sap transfer system and get carried down to the roots.

For more details talk to your Nufarm territory manager.

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