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New cross spectrum insecticide for Forage brassica crops

Published on 02/04/2014

DuPont crop protection New Zealand country manager Mark Christie says DuPont Exirel insecticide is registered for the control
of caterpillars (including diamondback moth (DBM) and white butterfly), leaf miner and aphids in bulb and leafy fodder brassica crops.
He says Exirel quickly stops the target pests from feeding and also allows some key beneficial insects to survive and flourish.
“The pests stop feeding almost immediately and will die within 72 hours of application.”
By being specifically targeted at the pest species rather than a broad spectrum insecticide, Exirel can leave certain beneficial insect
populations in the crop and provide an opportunity for them to flourish in the days and weeks that follow.
Tests have been conducted globally, and also in NZ, to determine its effect on a number of key beneficial insects.

In trials conducted locally by Plant and Food Research Exirel produced very good results.
The parasitic wasp, Asobara persimilis, which targets the pest leaf miner, was rated harmless with less than 10 per cent mortality when exposed to direct spray and dried residue from Exirel insecticide.
Tests were also conducted on Diadegma semiclausum which is a parasitic wasp that attacks diamondback moth, and demonstrated some effects on the insect when exposed to direct spray or dried residue.
These tests have demonstrated Exirel has moderate to no impact on key beneficial parasitoids that are present in fodder brassica crops when applied as per the label.
Mark Christie says farmers should be encouaraged to time applications after the development of adequate leaf area and at the
first signs of the target pests.
“By applying early in the pest infestation cycle this insecticide will help keep populations below damaging levels and encourage
beneficial insects to assist,” he said.
“The speed at which the insecticide worked meant it is the ideal tool to help establish a vigorous growing crop.”
Exirel is new chemistry with a single mode of action and will control DBM populations resistant to organophosphates and synthetic pyrethroids.
It is rainfast two hours after application and is available in a one litre pack, used at convenient low use rate of 150 mL per ha, to treat just over six ha of crop.
For more detail contact your local DuPont territory manager on 0800 65 8080.

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