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Dynamo herbicide suits pasture, lucerne and clover crops

Published on 24/10/2014

Dynamo is a unique formulation mixture of flumetsulam, the active ingredient in the popular herbicide Headstart, plus bentazone.
Zelam national sales manager Jason Gosney says this combination of actives gives more robust weed control than products containing single actives.
“The Oleo liquid formulation conveniently contains all of the neccesary surfactants and adjuvants to enhance activity. Nothing else is required to be added to the spray tank.”
Dynamo has evolved as a result of Zelam’s continued work to get more out of flumetsulam, he says.
“We have seen improved and more consistent weed control with Headstart, by having the required adjuvant system part of the formulation in the one can. “In Dynamo not only are the optimum ratios of the adjuvant part of the formulation, we have added another active ingredient - bentazone.
“These two actives have a true syngergistic effect when it comes to controlling weeds. A number of key weeds will be killed by either flumetsulam or bentazone alone, but combine them and the results certainly improve.” Clover safety a critical product benefit, Gosney says.
“Dynamo is a non-hormone product, so it will have no impact on young clover down to the 2 true leaf stage. Because of this, growers are not having to wait until clover is more established before controlling weeds.”

Waiting for clover crops to reach a certain growth stage before spraying allows weeds to establish and compete with the crop, resulting in reduced yields.
“And being non-hormone, Dynamo will also help to eliminate phenoxy resistant weeds that exist in some regions,” Gosney adds.
Young or established lucerne is an important crop where Dynamo also has a great fit.
“Trial work has shown that it can safely be applied to a lucerne crop as early as the four leaf stage. As with pasture, this early control of weeds will lead to a better, faster establishment of lucerne stands.”
Dynamo controls a broad spectrum of weeds including some troublesome species not controlled by conventional herbicides.
The labeled list of weeds controlled includes; amaranthus (redroot), fathen, buttercups (annual and giant), chickweed, spurrey, cleavers, black nightshade, shepherds purse, speedwell, field madder, hedge mustard, twin cress, wireweed, willow weed, sorrel, mallows, yellow gromwell, mayweeds, oxeye daisy, field pansy, henbit, nodding thistle, storksbill, hawkbit, and broadleaf dock.
Gosney says to get the best out of the new herbicide, it should be applied when weeds are small and actively growing.
“As a good rule of thumb best results are obtained when soil temperatures are greater than 10 degrees.”
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