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Conversion pastures need good pest protection

Published on 16/01/2014

suSCon Green is a tiny green polymer granule impregnated with chlorpyrifos which is control-released into the surrounding soil.

Drilled down the spout with seed, it will protect new pastures from grass grub for up to three years after application.

Supplier Nufarm says given the number of large scale dairy conversions which are in the pipeline, suSCon Green remains a must for farmers who want to safeguard their investment in new grass and clover.

Likewise it should be back on the agenda for those who are contemplating renewing large areas of pasture on conversions which were first sown five plus years ago.

Cynthia Christie, Nufarm development specialist, says grass grub is one pest that can never be taken for granted.

"You can never assume they won't be there. The price for getting it wrong is just too high, especially when you're looking at the
money typically invested in getting a new conversion up and running.”

Early summer flights of adult grass grub beetles in Canterbury were 'pretty hefty' and all things being equal there was plenty of potential for significant larval populations to make their presence known in early autumn.

Some customers will always baulk at the price of the product, but increasing numbers are making suSCon an integral part of their pasture renewal planning and budgeting, as opposed to a discretionary purchase.

“It’s a given for those guys. They’re the ones who can see the medium term gains, and who value not having to worry about spraying grass grub every year for three years. It’s a headache they don’t want.”

Widely used in the South Island for spring sown pastures, the unique product is increasingly finding a following in the grass grub prone regions in the North Island as well, Christie says.

For more detail talk to your Nufarm territory manager.

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