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Video goes behind agchem formulation

Published on 18/09/2013

Marketing manager John Yates says while two products can contain the same active ingredient in the same concentration and formulation type, they can be quite different formulations and perform differently in the field.
To highlight how much difference formulation can make, Syngenta has produced a video showing what goes into a Suspension
Concentrate (SC) formulation, listing 12 different ingredients that can significantly alter the physical properties of the active ingredient (AI) and influence product performance, shelf life, ease of use and crop safety.
These include particle size, wetting agent, dispersant, suspension agent, preservative, anti-foam, anti-freeze, adjuvant, buffering
agent, rainfast technology and water quality.
"All influence product performance," John Yates says. "For example, if the size of the AI particles is too large they can clog nozzles, settle out in the drum or spray tank and reduce efficacy. If AI particles are too small they can cause crop phyto.
"Suspension agents stop the AI from settling out in the drum; anti foam stops the creation of foam in the spray tank which can
strip surfactants off the AI and make it unstable in water.
“A product is clearly much more than just the active ingredient. So it's important to make sure you compare all formulation attributes
between different options."
To see the video, search on YouTube ('Syngenta formulation inerts can make the difference between good and great') or contact
your local Syngenta territory sales manager.

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