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Not your average PGR

Published on 28/06/2013

Four years of research shows use of Optimus not only leads to higher yields of ryegrass seed per ha than the market standard, but also out yields other post-patent trinexapacethyl (TE) products.
Use of such PGRs has become part and parcel of ryegrass and fescue seed production in New Zealand over the past 10-12 years, thanks to proven yield increases of up to 50 per cent over untreated crops.
Now Agronica says seed growers are set to benefit again from its second-generation TE formulation, which launched last season and will reach its peak season of use in seed crops over the next two months.
Optimus is also registered for use in wheat, barley and oats to reduce the risk of lodging. “There has been quite a lot of enthusiasm in the market on the use of this product from distributors and agronomists who knew it was coming and were keen to use it last year; what this newly released research will do is create greater awareness of its benefits among growers,” explains Agronica national key account manager Daren Mabey.
He’s been busy detailing the technical package behind the brand to merchant reps and agronomists in the lead up to this growing season and says the time is right for a new formulation to lift the bar in what is a well established market.
A key point of difference for Optimus is its strength – at 175 g of active ingredient it is the lightest TE currently available; all the others are 250 g formulations.
The reason it is so effective lies in an improved adjuvant system, which lowers the surface tension of spray droplets on green
tissue and helps them spread further and absorb more rapidly into the plant.
“As a result, uptake of TE into the leaf is much more efficient than with standard formulations,” Mabey says.
It may sound simple, but making it work has been anything but. 
“It’s a difficult formulation to get dead right. That’s why it took a long time for the first post patent products to reach the market, and that’s also why it’s also a real achievement for Agronica to have come up with something that sets a new standard in TE performance.”
He’s excited about the prospects for the new product, and looking forward to a strong response from arable growers based on the strong technical attributes the product delivers.
In the Northern Hemisphere, where it has been available for two seasons, sales are going ‘exceptionally well,’ he says.
“It’s always good to be able to provide products that demonstrate measurable gain and value to the industry. Optimus fits that bill perfectly, and we are really pleased to bring it to the NZ market.”
Talk to your merchant rep or agronomist for more detail.

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