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No time to waste with weedy paddocks

Published on 18/09/2013

That's the latest advice from Dow AgroSciences, which says a spring application of Tordon PastureBoss is a fast fix that can and should be recommended for paddocks which are showing signs of wear after a hard year.
Adrian Parkinson, Dow AgroSciences territory manager for Waikato, King Country and Taranaki, says retailers need to be proactive with their customers on this one - it may take some persuasion, but the results can be justified, particularly in terms of feed productivity.
"Once weeds like thistles and dock become fully established, pasture productivity suffers and farmers can end up with a bit of a mess on their hands further down the track if they don't get organised and tackle the tidyup early.
"Conditions over the past 12 months have weakened pastures and set up perfect conditions for weeds to make inroads. On top of that we've had a warm mild winter in many areas, so it's not going to be long before farmers realise half the green stuff growing in their paddocks is not actually grass."
With excellent activity on many problem weeds in NZ pastures, Tordon PastureBoss not only offers a wide spectrum but fast
knockdown too, Parkinson says.
On farm trials in the Waikato for example with Tordon PastureBoss showed 92 per cent control of Californian thistles eight months after a single application at hard ball stage.
Dow AgroSciences research manager Bernard Harris describes it as the best product on ragwort and thistles he's ever researched.
Dock was not one of the most important target species for Tordon Pastureboss at launch but Adrian Parkinson says again field trials have given good grounds for positioning it as a strong alternative to existing options.
“It’s very effective at controlling dock at all growth stages and it doesn’t impact grass production at a key time of the year so that's
also a positive for spring applications."
Tordon PastureBoss comprises a mix of Dow AgroSciences' patented active ingredient aminopyralid with the addition of triclopyr amine - keeping it in a water based formulation - and offering several other performance tweaks.
When sprayed onto flowering plants, before full seed set, any developing seeds will be sterilised, meaning less weeds to spray next year.
Tordon PastureBoss does not damage grasses or impact DM production, meaning grass growth and pasture production around treated weeds will not be impacted.
But it is damaging to legumes, so clover and lucerne will be removed from any treated areas.
For more details talk to your local Dow AgroSciences territory manager

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