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Innovative new glyphosates for NZ market

Published on 28/06/2013

The subsidiary of the Malaysian-based Kenso Corporation will offer New Zealand farmers and landholders the benefits of almost 40 years’ experience in formulating and manufacturing agrichemicals.
The company expects to have about 30 proven products registered for use in its first year of operation in NZ.
Andrew Fulford, who manages Kenso NZ from his base in Hawke’s Bay, says the parent company had traditionally been very
strong in herbicides for cropping and arable operations including its proven range of glyphosate formulations.
“This has naturally been an early market focus for us in this country, but Kenso is also building an expanding portfolio of specialty arable and cropping products, including fungicides, which will also suit the NZ market.”
The flagship product in the Australian market over the past decade has been Ken-Up Dry 680 WG, a free flowing extruded granule packed in user friendly 15kg bags.
The benefits of Ken-Up Dry over liquid formulations are numerous, apart from the high concentration formula of glyphosate present as a mono-ammonium salt, Fulford says.
The product is easy and safe to use offering significant minimisation of packaging waste.
“Most importantly, Ken-Up Dry 680 is already delivering excellent results in NZ and is following the strong reputation that Ken-Up Dry has developed in Australia.”
A proven range of phenoxy/pryidine herbicides for selective weed control in pastures and cereals is also among Kenso’s initial
product offering.
This includes various formulations of 2,4-D, MCPA, triclopyr, clopryralid and picloram.
“Recent trends in the agrichemical market over the past few years have seen the development and growing use of high concentration liquid and dry granule herbicide formulations.
Kenso is recognised for its innovation in developing a suite of advanced herbicide formulations that offer such advantages.”
Specialty horticultural products in the NZ registration process include Avior 800 WG, a broad spectrum fungicide with the active ingredient azoxystrobin, one of the most widely used products around the world.
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