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Innovation will help protect NZ wine industry

Published on 04/11/2012

New Zealand winegrowers now have a new innovative tool for combating Grapevine Leafroll Virus (GLRV) with the launch of Bayer’s Movento 100SC into grapes.

GLRV has been a problem for the past five years and causes grapevines to become unproductive.

It is spread by mealybugs, which are sucking pests that feed directly on the phloem in plants. 

Some growers have had to pull infected vines out entirely.

“Mealybug control is one of the keys to virus elimination. The registration of Movento for use on grapes provides growers with another tool to achieve effective control,” says Philip Manson, general manager sustainability for NZ Winegrowers.

Movento is unique to Bayer. Its ‘two-way systemicity’ distributes the active ingredient upwards and downwards in the plant, killing pests wherever they are on the plant.

This is especially important for controlling insects such as mealybugs.

They hide under bark, in crevices and underneath leaves, making them hard to target with pesticides.

The original formulation, Movento 240SC, was launched in NZ in 2009 for use in kiwifruit, and Movento 100SC was launched into apples in 2011.

“It’s great to see that Bayer’s innovative chemistry is having a real impact for local growers. NZ wine is worth protecting, and Bayer is working hard to assist winegrowers produce top quality wine,” says Bayer CropScience country manager Holger Detje.
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