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Growers give Simplicity the thumbs up

Published on 28/06/2013

DAS marketing manager Nick Koch says the new product has won a good following for its control of brome grass in wheat as well its ability to provide cost effective wild oat control.
Simplicity was developed by DAS and contains the active ingredient pyroxsulam for grass and broadleaf weed control in wheat,
cereal rye and triticale.
Last year’s launch was a season earlier than expected, thanks to early registration, and gave growers a chance to familiarise themselves with the new herbicide ahead of the full launch this year.
With ‘exceptionally good’ brome grass control, Simplicity also controls wild oats, annual ryegrass and other broadleaf weeds like chickweed, field pansy, shepherd’s purse and white clover.
“Given that brome is a very aggressive grass weed, with the potential to significantly reduce crop yields, we expected Simplicity to be very well received by New Zealand growers, and feedback from the first season has reflected this,” Nick Koch says.
Another key benefit of new herbicide is the lack of crop rotation issues, because soil residues only last days to a few weeks.
For grass weed control, early application is a must.
“Simplicity has to be applied before the brome grass tillers. High brome grass infestations may need two sprays for good results.
“We’ve found that two correctly timed sprays can give up to 98 per cent reduction in brome grass seed heads, and that’s vital,
because brome is such a prolific seeder.”
Simplicity comes in 10 L packs and qualifies for the Agrecovery programme.
For more details talk to your local retailer.

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