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Fodder beet herbicide offers convenience, flexibility & results

Published on 11/02/2013

No more tank mixing for broad spectrum weed control in fodder beet and beetroot crops – that’s the message from Zelam as it releases a unique new herbicide to the market this season.

Beetrix features a combination of three active ingredients to offer farmers and growers single product convenience and flexibility when it comes to getting the full potential out of their crops, according to commercial manager Andrew Thompson.

“Fodder beet is growing rapidly in popularity in New Zealand but all too often these crops never reach their full yield potential because of poor weed control,” he says.

Beetrix’s actives - ethofumesate, metamitron and phenmedipham – compliment each other in mode of action to offer an overlapping spectrum of weed control, and to make crop management easier and more productive for farmers.

“Up until recently if you wanted to control a wide range of weeds in fodder beet, you had to tank mix different herbicides to get a good result. Now, with Beetrix, there’s only one product to buy, store and apply.”

The list of weeds controlled or suppressed by the new herbicide is impressive, Thompson says.

It includes redroot amaranthus, prostrate amaranthus, black nightshade, cleavers, fathen, field pansy, hairy nightshade, hedge mustard, little flowered mallow, scrambling speedwell, stinging nettle, stinking mayweed, shepherds purse, spurrey, storksbill, twincress, vervain, wild portulaca, willow weed and wireweed.

“Application timing is critical for best results, as is always the way with successful weed control in any crop.

“Beetrix can be used at any time from sowing as weeds germinated, with follow up applications to catch further germinations and to control larger weeds close to crop closure.

“The nice thing about this product is that it can be safely sprayed at any crop stage, so farmers won’t get caught out by split germinations.”

The one thing that is important is soil moisture, he says.

“Dry soil will not facilitate root uptake of the active ingredients in Beetrix, nor does it help ensure weeds are actively growing at the time of application.”

A free-flowing suspension concentrate formulation, Beetrix is easy to use and comes in a 10 litre pack.

For more detail phone Zelam 06 755 9234.
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