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Brassica bugs run riot in perfect conditions

Published on 11/06/2013

"I have never known such a consistently high level of aphid pressure across the whole country,”says Syngenta marketing manager John Yates.
“The hot, dry weather caused aphid numbers to sky rocket during February and March, and led to us running out of Ampligo, Dovetail and Pirimor.”
This followed a number of seasons of relatively low brassica pest pressure over the same period, he says.
And few have missed out – there have been no wet, cold snaps to slam a halt on population growth, meaning the tiny pest has been a big headache in virtually all regions.
Yates says more than one grower was caught on the hop, and paid the price.
“Any delay between aphids being spotted and being treated meant populations exploded and were difficult to control with insecticides, which were often applied by air using relatively low water rates.”
On the plus side, this season highlighted the benefits of the fumigant activity of Pirimor and Dovetail in getting into the crop, with the addition of Ampligo for caterpillar control in particular.
Now there’s the inevitable challenge of trying to get stock right for next season.
“No doubt next year we will all be forecasting another huge insect year to make sure we don't run out of product and be left with egg on our faces if it's a normal or low pest pressure season!”
Yates says if any lessons are to be learnt from this season it's spray early at the first sign of insects, have product on hand and keep water rates as high as possible.
“That means 300 - 400 L/ha ground applied or 100 L/ha if applied by air.”

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