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Advanced potato fungicide reduces AI/ha

Published on 17/12/2012

Maximum security crop protection with less active ingredient per ha, and a new active to boot – it’s no wonder BASF is positioning Zampro as everything a modern fungicide should be.

Currently undergoing a soft launch into the domestic potato market for control of late blight, Zampro has already attracted plenty of attention thanks to a persuasive package of benefits.

BASF marketing manager – crop protection, Fenton Hazelwood, says in effect the dual action fungicide represents a new opportunity for Kiwi growers who want to modernize their spray programmes.

Comprising the tried and proven active ingredient dimethomorph with BASF’s own new active, Initium, Zampro offers an impressive level of disease protection without a heavy load of chemical to go with.

Hazelwood says for any growers who want to lessen the amount of active ingredient they apply per ha and improve the sustainability of their business in the process, it’s a perfect fit.

Just as importantly, Zampro brings to the market a non-mancozeb fungicide.

With overseas markets beginning to tighten up on permitted fungicide programmes, this is a very timely consideration.
“The tech package is very solid. Through both our trials and field use overseas, we know it provides crop protection equal to or better than existing options like Acrobat.

“Where the points of difference really become apparent is when you add up how much AI – and which one – is applied to the crop in the process of achieving that protection from late blight. 

“With Acrobat, growers are applying 1400 g per ha of AI, of which 1200 g per ha is mancozeb. But with Zampro, only 400 g of AI is applied per ha, and none of that is mancozeb.”

No surprise then that Zampro is already doing well sales-wise in the United States and Canada.

But Hazelwood says other attributes have also contributed to a positive reception, including a favourable toxological profile for both users and the environment.

Amid a sea of derivatives, launch of new active is in itself also a bonus for growers and merchants heading into another season.

“Compared with the pastoral market, potatoes are not a huge sector volume wise in New Zealand.

“But we’re pretty stoked to be able to provide local growers with some of the most modern fungicide chemistry in the world notwithstanding the relatively small size of our industry.

“This sort of advance helps NZ growers maintain their edge in an increasingly competitive business.”

For more detail phone BASF 0800 932 273.
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