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Value add, with a difference, wins

Published on 09/12/2020

Whatever you call them, complementary add-ons to incentivise purchases have kept thousands of rural families in branded caps, pens, coffee mugs, clothing, knives, small appliances and retail vouchers - among countless other offerings - for years.

There’s a whole industry devoted to creating and supplying such things, and you only have to turn up on a client’s property to see more than a few get put to (hard) use. But one major New Zealand supplier has changed tack on this tradition in recent years, and it’s gone so well the company involved has decided to stick with a different approach.

Syngenta marketing manager John Yates says this value add with a difference is all about supporting product stewardship and best results for its crop protection portfolio. The best known example of this – and the most successful - is the free Syngenta spray nozzle offer. This has been particularly well-received in the cereals and potato market where the company has a broad product offering with products such as Elatus Plus and ModdusEvo in cereals, and new products such as Miravis and Boxer Gold in potatoes.

Growers can spend $10,000 per annum on Syngenta crop protection products to receive a free set of 50 Syngenta nozzles designed to improve application and reduce spray drift. In themselves, the nozzles are worth $780 plus GST. “So it’s a good deal!” Yates points out. “More importantly, we give away over 10,000 free nozzles every year to growers, and it’s great way to add practical, genuine value to larger growers who use Syngenta products."

“As a result, we get to speak to many of these growers to help them choose the best nozzle type and size for the crops they grow. And at the end of the day we are helping them to apply our products more effectively.” 

The nozzles are just part of this particular story, however. Rather than give away common consumables, Syngenta provides digital scales and volumetric measuring jugs for accurate measuring of granules; nitrile gloves for operator safety; universal drum spanners for loosening tight caps on drums; and its own invention, water sensitive papers to checkspray coverage.

“We have boom height guides to fix on the end of spray booms, tank mix order stickers for spray operators, and Moddus Evo knives for dissecting plant stems to identify growth stage, too,” Yates adds.

In place of the baseball cap, the company now provides wide brimmed hats for better sun protection. End users and distributors alike have fedback positively on the change of focus, he says. “We feel it is a more practical approach, and one that better reflects the day to day realities of handling and applying crop protection inputs. It just seems the right thing to do.”

Chances to win travel prizes will remain in the mix going forward, but only where appropriate, and for now, anyway, COVID-19 has taken international travel off the board.

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