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Sleeker, more streamlined spray bible on the way

Published on 08/12/2020

Newly appointed editor Peter Holden says one of his major efforts has been to keep the manual from getting too physically big while still including all the information it’s renowned for.

“It’s not just the new products that are always coming out, but also the product labels themselves, which are getting longer, with more regulatory content required. So they’re taking up more physical space than they used to.”

His approach has been to take a lot of the common mandatory information out of each label, and place that in one separate, collective advisory section. “These are the topics that apply to many if not all agrichemicals, for example, regulations around container disposal, equipment decontamination and clean down, and so forth.” 

The result, he says, will be that each label listing in the new edition will contain only content that is highly product specific, minus pieces of script that up until now have been repeated for almost every product. “The supplementary information is still there for anyone who requires it, it’s just been given its own separate section. In many ways it will be easier to refer to those topics in this new format.”

A similar overhaul has taken place for the online version of the Novachem Manual, he says. “When people search the website for labels, in most cases they’re issue-driven; they want to find out what specific insects or weeds the product is registered for, what the use rates and timing are, what the withholding periods are. “So again, we’ve focussed on that with product listings, and captured the regulatory information common to all or most products in a separate section.”

A good example of how this can be both useful and responsive on-line is the changing requirement for what used to be known as Approved Handlers. In this instance, Peter Holden says, the Novachem website is often ahead of the suppliers themselves, because it can update its digital resource faster than new hard copy labels can be written, printed and applied to product.

“You’ll still find references to Approved Handlers on most hard copy labels, even though that terminology no longer applies and requirements have been superseded. Likewise, you won’t necessarily see Agrecovery mentioned on the older labels, even though the product does qualify. So we have the chance to keep those changes as current as possible on the website. ”

A topical example is the proposed MPI wording around withholding periods, which requires that all agrichemicals with a nil WHP have to be changed to a one day WHP to meet good agricultural practice. “The manufacturers have until 2022 to change their labels, but I have applied a blanket statement in our online advisory section, and have included the MPI statement in our news feed."

"These things help us stay one step ahead of the curve with new regulations, which are changing all the time. For example, the New Zealand Standard for the management of Agrichemicals (NZ8409) is currently being updated and will likely form the next tranche of changes to our advisory section.”

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