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New active approved for powdery mildew in apples

Published on 26/04/2017

Esteem is based on an active called polyoxin D zinc salt, which is from a new chemistry group not previously available in New Zealand.
Zelam general manager Andrew Thompson says it’s a significant and exciting launch for the both the company and the apple industry as a whole, and Zelam is proud to be ab le to add such advanced new technology to growers’ existing management strategies not only for powdery mildew itself but also disease resistance.
"Powdery mildew is one of the most serious apple diseases in the world, and NZ is no exception, especially in drier growing regions. Growers and retailers have been keen to get their hands on this product since we first began the registration process, and we are expecting a really positive response in the market."
Along with the new active come several other stand-out features that have already seen Esteem become well-used overseas, particularly later in the season.
Classed as part of the FRAC group 19, the only active in this group, this novel fungicide has a unique mode of action, stopping the production of chitin and thus preventing glucosamine from being incorporated in the fungi cell wall, which is essential for fungi development.
"Esteem has activity at a number of lifecycle stages, from sporulation, spore germination and germ tube elongation through to hyphal invasion, hyphal growth and lesion formation," Thompson says.
Extensive field testing has also proved it is an important resistance management tool.
Best applied preventatively, early in the disease development cycle and before symptoms are expressed, Esteem also has a favourable safety profile for beneficial orchard insects.
This is an important benefit, and comes from the fact that its mode of action uses a different biochemical pathway to insect and crustacean chitin production.
"Testing on beneficials has included bees, lady birds, lacewings, Aphelinus malai and predatory mites to name a few."
Crop safety is good: tank mix compatibility and fruit finish trial work has shown the new fungicide be safe when used either on its own or combined with commonly used tank mix products.
It’s tested amino alcohol free and has an excellent residue safety profile, with a short pre-harvest interval. Period of use is November (fruit 20 mm) onwards to pre-harvest.
Esteem should be applied every 7 to 14 days to maintain protection, using the close spray interval during periods of rapid growth, after significant rain, or when disease pressure is increasing.
Growers should use two consecutive applications before using alternative fungicides and no more than four total applications in any single season. 
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