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Lucerne herbicide features low rate, ease of use.

Published on 22/08/2016

That’s the advice from Nufarm segment business manager Duncan Ibbotson, who says Kyte 700WG brings two notable new benefits to this market.
Unlike older imazethapyr products currently registered, it is a much higher strength formulation, and it comes in a water dispersable granule as opposed to a liquid.
“Its low use rate and easy to use formulation will be of benefit to farmers,” Ibbotson says.
Kyte 700WG contains 700 g per kg imazethapyr for both knock down and residual control of typical problem broadleaf weeds in
lucerne such as chickweed, shepherds purse and storksbill.
It also controls some grass weeds, including poa annua.
Kyte 700WG is recommended for use post sowing in either spring or autumn, with applications timed after the newly emerged lucerne has two trifoliate leaves or more.
It can also be used in established lucerne. Ibbotson says up until now Nufarm’s presence in the lucerne market has been concentrated on winter weed control for established stands, so Kyte has been welcomed by retailers as farmers increasingly incorporate lucerne into their forage systems.
The importance of good weed control cannot be over-emphasised especially for farmers who are relatively new to the crop.
“Many are getting better at establishing what is a high value forage. But we still hear from a surprising number whose results do
not live up to their expectation, and a common issue in these cases is weed pressure,” he says.
Those who have not grown lucerne before do not always realise poor weed control can in extreme cases halve the life of their stand, because lucerne does not form a thick sward like ryegrass.
In combination with Nufarm’s other proven lucerne herbicides for established stands – Nu-trazine, Crest and SeQuence - Kyte
700WG will make it easier for retailers to help customers get the very best out of their lucerne this season.
Kyte 700WG is also registered for use in clover seed crops.
For more detail contact your Nufarm territory manager.

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