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Post-emergent herbicide cost-effective, kind to spring pastures

Published on 18/09/2013

And if that’s the case, there’s one input they can’t afford to miss a bit further down the track.
“Most farmers know that their most valuable asset is good quality pasture,” says Fenton Hazelwood, marketing manger for BASF.
“Regardless of whether they're producing meat or milk, good quality, high yielding pasture is the key to a successful and profitable farming operation.
“The challenge with young, establishing pastures, however, is that there are few suitable herbicides available to ensure that farmers actually achieve that high production and high quality from their investment in new grass and clover.”
Using the wrong herbicide often leads to poor production through loss of clover, he points out.
That’s where Pulsar comes in as the ideal post-emergence treatment for newly established as well as established pastures.
Pulsar is a cost effective co-formulation of MCPB together with the unique molecule bentazone, which widens the weed control spectrum and enhances the effects of the MCPB.
Recent research has proven that while it is tough on weeds, it is very gentle on clover, especially when compared to other common postemergent pasture herbicides.
BASF pasture specialist Wade Paterson says farmers spend so much time, money, and effort establishing a good pasture sward full of clover that it's a real shame to see it put at risk using a herbicide option that could potentially undo all that hard work.
“While it’s great to see farmers protecting their pasture from the ravages of unwanted weeds in spring, they should be aware that there is an option which can still meet their needs while not putting their clover at risk,” he says.
As always, it's a good idea for farmers to seek some advice before trying a new product, he says, but using Pulsar isn’t that much different to other new pasture herbicides.
It gives best results when applied after a period of at least three days of warmer weather (promoting good active growth). Weeds must have germinated before spraying and be at the four to six leaf stage.
For more information contact BASF territory manager Wade Paterson 0275 347 498.

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