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Last spring Firebird received a new higher dose registration resulting in a recommended application rate of between 300 and 500 ml per ha in wheat and barley.
A single application of insecticide led to the best kale crops produced on the property of Wade Macnicol, of Roxburgh, this season.
Wild oats and fumitory - not to mention several other grass and broadleaf weeds - have met their match in wheat and triticale this season with the launch of Rexade from Dow AgroSciences.
A unique new biofungicide for grapes is now available for growers in New Zealand and the company which researched and registered it here is working on obtaining regulatory approval for other crops as well.
Glyphosate revisited | 26/04/2017
It's a case of back to the future with glyphosate salts for one supplier which is committed to tried and trusted formulations.
A unique dual-active fungicide from Adama New Zealand gives cereal growers a welcome new option for more efficient, cost effective disease management in wheat and barley this season.
Apples growers are now able to incorporate a brand new active ingredient into their powdery mildew control programmes thanks to the launch of Esteem from Zelam.
The latest herbicide from Dow AgroSciences has been described as an exciting breakthrough in brushweed control on pastoral hill country by one of the contractors who has helped trial the product.
Demonstration trials showing the use of beneficial insects in forage brassica crops to combat major pests have been met with enthusiasm by farmers looking to reduce applications of chemicals and maintain the yield and quality of their forage.
Its been a while coming but farmers wanting to harness the nutritional benefits of plantain in their pasture mixes now have a herbicide registered for broadleaf weed control in such swards.
A fungicide that will help protect New Zealand's world leading arable farming industry has been approved for use by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).
Adama New Zealand has launched its new fungicide, Phoenix, for wheat and barley.
Grape growers have an important new weapon in the war against botrytis this season with the launch of Prolectus from Nufarm.
The latest advance in formulation technology from Nufarm takes protectant copper fungicides to a whole new level for New Zealand growers this spring.
Disease control in fodder and sugar beet has just got easier with this season's launch of Mondo fungicide from New Plymouth-based Zelam.
Now is not the time to relax if you want to keep disease under control. Disease levels are high this year, especially for Septoria leaf blotch and scald, but other diseases are out there as well, according to Neil Waddingham, Bayer CropScience.
A bonus product offer for Tordon PastureBoss worked so well last year, Dow AgroSciences has brought at back for another season, and early feedback indicates another strong response.
A new-release herbicide not only provides effective knockdown of problem weeds in cereals, it also meets other criteria important to award-winning South Canterbury farmers Nick and Michelle Ward - it has no negative impact on soil or crops.
A new version of an insecticide used to help protect corn, wheat, grass and brassica crops has been approved by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).
Its time for Granstar | 12/10/2016
Brassica development or pasture renovation is an important part in the on going process of maximising farmer returns.
For the first time this spring, farmers and growers will be able to use a synthetic pyrethroid (SP) insecticide on their fodder beet crops with confidence.
The latest herbicide release from Zelam combines improved crop safety with longer weed control in the post plant, pre emergence market for peas and fodder brassicas, including rape, kale, swedes and turnips.
Buster is back | 12/10/2016
After a global shortage of product in recent years, Bayer says it is pleased to announce that Buster supply is fully available for this season.
A new-release herbicide with a long application window means problem weeds in cereal crops acn be dealt with in a timely way, even during severe winter cold, says Methven arable farmer, Ron Hydes.
Making weed control simple was the founding principle behind the Synergy range of herbicide products.
Herbicide resistant weeds are becoming more common in New Zealand, and the number and area of resistant weeds is expected to increase in the future.
A new lucerne product from Nufarm gives retailers and customers another choice of post emergence herbicide in the important early stages of stand establishment this spring.
The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has approved the use of the herbicide, Firebird, at a higher concentration, but the rate is lower than that applied for.
Spring 2016 will certainly be different to recent years but will it necessitate significant change to fungicide programmes?
Spring 2016 marks the launch of a new beet herbicide from Nufarm, Betasana Trio.
Since the launch of Firebird a few years ago, framers have enjoyed the benefits of early weed control.
When it comes to weed control in newly sown pastures, the more undesirable species you can eliminate with one herbicide the better, and no herbicide takes out more weeds prior to the first grazing than Tribal Gold from Nufarm.
The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has approved an application from ETEC Crop Solutions to import the herbicide Cadet, to control broadleaf weed in maize crops.
Dow AgroSciences has launched a new cereal herbicide called Paradigm in New Zealand.
The use of first generation anticoagulants for controlling rodents is generally not well understood.
A novel formulation of aphicide is finding favour with cereal growers looking for easier ways of controlling Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus (BYDV).
It's never been easier to work out spray rate calculations for one of the most popular glyphosate brands in New Zealand than it is this season, and that bodes very well for sales into the Autumn sowing market.
Chemical drift from pesticide sprays is an ongoing problem in New Zealand, says Lincoln Agritech Crop Protection scientist Rory Roten
With support from MPI's Sustainable Farming Fund, an invasive weed may soon be controlled with the help of a British weevil
Orion AgriScience is launching the first of a new range of technologies to provide cereal growers with better tools to manage stored grain pests.
A recent label extension for Nufarm's top-selling insecticide Attack makes it even more useful and cost effective for farmers growing forage brassicas and fodder beet this season, the company says.
Managing the risk of disease in New Zealand potato crops has just got easier with a new label claim for Bayer CropScience's insecticide Movento OD.
This time last year Orion announced the launch of five new products.
Continued global field testing with farmers and distributors has led to product packaging refinement for Adama that will bring industry leading features to the local market over the next 12 months, it says.
Both cereal growers and technical reps have welcomed weekly data provided by Dow Agrosciences on aphids trapped at Rokeby in Canterbury.
Clever, user-friendly formulation and reliable performance have helped Nufarm's Kaiso 50WG gain traction in the synthetic pyrethroid (SP) insecticide market.
High value spring sown crops and pasture deserve the best available protection from grass grub this season, and that puts suSCon Green from Nufarm at the front of the pack.
A trial of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies in forage brassica crops has shown positive signs in the first year of a three year evaluation conducted by Plant and Food Research.
Of course, today's new fungicides based on SDHI chemistry, products such as Aviator Xpro, deliver superb disease control but they offer so much more. By Neil Waddington, Marketing Manager - Arable Crops, Bayer New Zealand
New updates to the label give even more flexibility in their use of Betanal Quattro this season
A special bonus promotional offer introduced for a limited time last season proved so popular Nufarm has brought it back for spring 2015.
Growing healthy high yielding maize crops in 2015/16 just got easier with the launch of Cutter, the new combination herbicide and insecticide from Orion Agriscience.
Dockstar, the broadleaf herbicide released by Nufarm New Zealand last season, has succeeded in giving farmers another opportunity to make the most of their productive grazing land, the company says.
New Zealand grape growers have a new weapon for controlling powdery mildew with the recent launch of Bayer's new dual-action fungicide Luna Sensation.
The latest herbicide from one of New Zealand's leading suppliers gives farmers a fresh option when it comes to effective, efficient weed control in forage crops this season.
Swiss multi-national company Lonza says purchasing Taranaki-based Zelam will strengthen its agro ingredients and wood protection businesses.
The minimum rate of application of Flute in Grapes for control of Powdery Mildew in the 2015 Edition is in-correct. The correct minimum rate should be 250 ml/ha, not 250 litres/ha. The error is regretted.
New Zealand vegetable growers are now set to benefit from unique chemistry that has already made a strong name for itself in the local cereal market.
Store staff nationwide are falling over themselves to outdo each others root vegetable in a remarkable new contest thought to be the very first of its type in New Zealand
A newly released, co-formulated fungicide from Bayer CropScience was actually registered in New Zealand in 2014 but it was too late for a commercial launch
This year the team at Etec Crop Solutions is pleased to be able to provide new label extensions for two Etec products - Hammer and Magister CS
Orion Crop Protection has changed its name to Orion AgriScience
New rules are now in force to protect people and the environment from the risks posed by a group of highly toxic insecticides.
Prepare for farmers to take a closer look at ProGibb SG in coming weeks as they hone their operating expenses and seek to optimise pasture production in the most cost effective ways possible.
Key Sinochem executives travelled to New Zealand last month to reinforce the company's commitment to NZ's rural traders.
Nuisance weeds are never welcome but this year its more important than ever to keep established pastures clean, productive and weed free.
Originally introduced in a three litre pack, the popularity of Firebird has seen farmers requesting larger packs.
After a strong spring debut, the newest cereal aphicide in the market is now poised for a big autumn as growers look to protect winter wheat yields from barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV)
Cutting corners with Autumn sprayout for new pasture is rarely a good idea and when finances are tight, attention to detail matters more than ever.
Over 800 guests from throughout Asia Pacific recently gathered in Kuala Lumpur to celebrate Kenso's 40th anniversary
Cutting corners with autumn sprayout for new pasture is rarely a good idea and when finances are tight, attention to detail matters more than ever.
The latest innovation from Nufarm promises to give farmers extra help in successfully establishing new grass and clover this autumn.
Autumn 2014 proved to be a challenging year in terms of insect pests and autumn 2015 is shaping up to be the same.
One of the newest forage brassica insecticides in the market is going from strength to strength this season thanks to its unique combination of hard hitting chemistry and selective performance.
Getting on top of problem weeds has been an ongoing battle spanning decades for Waikato dairy farmers, the Downing family.
With Syngenta reporting record sales of Ampligo during October and November, this looks like being a big year for insecticides in forage brassicas.
There aren't many products your customers can use on their stock, in the shed, around the home and even in their veggie patch.
Key Industries and Draeger Safety have signed a cooperation agreement that will see Key Industries supplying a wide range variety of products to the New Zealand market, from respirators, breathing apparatus and chemical protection suits to gas detectors and breathalysers.
A year after it was released to the New Zealand market, Kaiso 50WG from Nufarm has already earned a loyal following thanks to its patented formulation and reliable performance.
Arietta's ability to deliver cleaner, more profitable maize and sweet corn crops has set the stage for strong demand in the post emergence market this season.
A NZ first from Orion | 18/12/2014
Cutter, the latest addition to Orion Crop Protection's extensive range of products for use on maize, is a New Zealand first, the company says.
A big bold packaging overhaul is set to turn heads and make life easier for users of Adama products in New Zealand this season.
Farmers who take advantage of a new label claim for T-Max this spring will benefit from 11 days more grazing before spraying out old grass to sow forage brassicas, ryegrass, maize or cereals.
Bayer has launched three new crop protection products designed to increase yields and put more money in farmers pockets.
Every kg of dry matter counts this season as farmers look to keep production costs under control, and that makes the argument for cost effective pest control in forage brassicas even more compelling.
This season Zelam is set to launch a new product onto the market for the control and eradication of botrytis and downy mildew in wine grapes.
Novel insecticide chemistry from Dow AgroSciences is going from strength to strength on the back of new registrations and continued growth in key pastoral markets this year.
Research by Nufarm and industry has led to two important new label claims for suSCon Green this season, the first for control of grass grub in cereal crops, and the second for control of manuka beetle in new pasture.
Kiwi barley growers have been quick to give the seal of approval to a unique seed treatment which offers the first non-sprayed barley fungicide to optimise farm management.
Farmers looking for cost effective dock control have a new option at hand this spring
Zelam has launched a new non-hormone herbicide for use in pasture, lucerne and clover seed crops.
A new herbicide specially formulated for New Zealand conditions is a first for local farmers and will help them successfully establish new grass and clover this spring.
Brace yourselves for a full on spring with Weedmaster TS540 - that's the advice from Nufarm heading into the first weeks of a new campaign designed to help both merchants and farmers capture the benefits of this powerful new glyphosate option for spring.
With Septoria tritici showing resistance to strobilurins and reduced sensitivity to triazoles in New Zealand, Syngenta NZ invited Syngenta UK Field Technical Manager Iain Hamilton to address a recent series of technical meetings.
This season Bayer CropScience is launching its new herbicide Betanal Quattro for use in beet crops, including fodder beet.
With paddock preparation now high on the priority list ahead of spring sowing, WeedMaster TS540 from Nufarm will come into its own in coming weeks
Agricultural products New Zealand farmers have come to rely on will have a new look and a new edge as agrichemical company, Agronica, rebrands to Adama NZ.
Zagro Asia Limited (Zagro), a publicly listed group in Singapore, has announced that its subsidiary, Zagro Singapore Pte Ltd, has entered an agreement to acquire New Zealands largest independent agrichemical company Orion Crop Protection.
A growing force in New Zealands agrinutrients and agrichemicals sector, Grochem is focusing on expanding its range of products for local horticultural businesses and developing its international markets.
Autumn is a time of rapidly shortening days, dropping temperatures and increased rain; all of which combine to slow down crop emergence and growth. By Neil Waddingham, Bayer CropScience
International crop protection company Kenso, which is building a strong presence in New Zealand, is celebrating a milestone 40 years in the business.
Simplicity, the new cereal from Dow AgroSciences, has more than lived up to its reputation this season.
New Zealand wheat growers can take their crop protection to a whole new level this season with the launch of a unique proprietary insecticide from Dow AgroSciences that combines superior aphid control with an excellent IPM fit.
A new free app from Bayer CropScience contains everything growers need to know about more than 30 of the company's herbicides, fungicides and insecticides and seed treatments, it says.
Shouting three VIP packages to see Bruce Springsteen perform live in Auckland earlier this month worked out to be an all round winner for Dow AgroSciences in December and January.
Fast knockdown, markedly improved weed control and a three day plantback are the key benefits from a new label claim for T-Max herbicide.
A new insecticide that selectively targets key pests and controls them extremely quickly has been released in the forage brassica market in New Zealand.
New selective post emergence chemistry from BASF promises to be a game-changer for maize and sweetcorn growers come spring 2014.
As we enjoy the summer weather now is the time to plan for the autumn both in terms of establishing new pasture and also sowing next seasons cereals. By Neil Waddingham, Bayer CropScience
New dairy conversions and those which were sown down five to six years ago are prime contenders for the only grass grub control product of its type in the New Zealand market, rural retailers are being advised.
Tomato Potato psyllid (TPP) has become a resident pest in New Zealand and continues to put crops at risk.
Its Versatill, but not as you know it.
The newest insecticide for forage brassicas has come just in time for a bumper leaf miner season, supplier Dow AgroSciences says.
Timing is everything with autumn applications of ProGibb SG and that means it wont be long before you need to be talking to your farmers about how to get the best out of this product this season.
Ripcord may long have been the product of choice for controlling nuisance flies over summer, but this season its become sought after for another reason.
The 'Generic Offensive' campaign launched by Syngenta recently has hit the mark if response from both growers and re-sellers is any guide.
It's only been in the New Zealand market for one season but Sharpen, from BASF, has quickly become an essential component of any good crop husbandry programme.
A visit to Canterbury mid October confirmed that Septoria tritici is very well established in many wheat crops.
Nysius may be small and hard to find, but the damage they cause to forage brassicas and fodder beet in early emergence is just the opposite.
A new sustainable leafroller insecticide for New Zealand's blueberry crops is the first of many registered products to be released as part of a Government-led Sustainable Farming Fund project.
Syngenta has launched a campaign to defend the quality of it's products compared with generics and in the process protect the value of its US$1.4 billion global investment in R&D to deliver innovative new products to farmers.
The many advantages of high percentage active ingredient agrichemical formulations are driving wider uptake for such products worldwide.
There's a new name in the brassica insecticide market this season and if early indications are any guide, it's set to make quite an impact.
Kiwi potato growers have taken to BASF's new fungicide Zampro with enthusiasm, and it's not just because of it's efficacy.
The latest glyphosate innovation from Nufarm has all the features your customers need to get crops in the ground with maximum performance and minimum down time this spring.
Key Industries has introduced a new programme for controlling Argentine ants this season which it says provides a long term solution for reasonable cost.
Glyphosate resistance has now been confirmed in two different ryegrass species in New Zealand vineyards and levels of resistance are much higher than initially anticipated.
A dramatic surge in the price of glyphosate active ingredient in the past year is making it more important than ever to source product from reputable suppliers.
Cereals registration for use of Mavrik Aquavflo insecticide is a welcome development for arable growers wanting predator friendly aphid control for barley yellow dwarf virus in their crops this season.
Nufarm's launch of Kaiso 50WG in the New Zealand market this spring brings patented formulation technology with important benefits to NZ growers
Farmers looking to clean up pastures full of thistles, ragwort and dock after the drought have no excuses and not a lot of time either if they want to grow grass instead of weeds this season
Given the conditions which have affected farms over the past 12 months, spring-sown pasture could well be high on the priority list for many of your farmers this season.
IPM compatible pest control for potato and some fruit and ornamental crops has got a bit easier for growers this year with the launch of a new insecticide and miticide from Agronica New Zealand
This spring marks the New Zealand launch of a new range of patented glyphosate formulations from one of the industry's most experienced suppliers.
There's much more to agchem formulation than most people realise, and to get the full story this season merchants are being urged to check out a new Syngenta video on YouTube
Key Industries has been appointed New Zealand distributor for Delicia Sluggoff Lentil bait
Black Grass | 16/09/2013
Black Grass - Statement from Foundation for Arable Research CEO Nick Pyke
Employing more than 27,000 people in over 90 countries, Syngenta is ranked number one globally in crop protect ion and number three in agricultural seeds, with a sales turnover of US $14.2 billion in 2012 and an annual investment in R&D of US $1.25 billion.
New field trial work continues to reinforce Tazer’s performance compared with other azoxystrobin fungicides in both cereals and potatoes
Growers have been quick to take advantage of the benefits of Dow AgroSciences’ broadleaf herbicide Simplicity since its limited launch this time last year
Key Industries has partnered with ACTA Australia to bring what it says is the world’s most advanced slug and snail bait to the New Zealand market.
An innovative range of granular glyphosates and crop protection product s is being introduced by a new entrant to the agrichemical market in this country, Kenso NZ.
BASF has good news for maize and sweetcorn growers, particularly those besieged with weeds such as yellow bristle grass.
Not your average PGR | 28/06/2013
Smart formulation chemistry is behind a unique new plant growth regulator (PGR) from Agronica that produces significantly better results than other options with the same active ingredient.
A leading international agricultural chemical company is introducing an alternative source of quality and competitively priced products in the New Zealand primary industry services market.
Sinochem Australia has been appointed by Monsanto Company as the exclusive distributor of Rondup branded products for agriculture in Australia and New Zealand from September 2013
Huge demand for insecticides in forage brassica crops over the past few weeks emptied shelves throughout New Zealand, suppliers say.
Farmers looking to get rid of broadleaf weeds in established pasture have a new weapon at hand this autumn, and it’s the only formulation of its type in the New Zealand market.
Industry response to last year’s announcement that glyphosate resistant weeds had been identified in New Zealand for the first time has been positive and supportive, says Avoiding Glyphosate Resistance project leader Mike Parker from the Foundation for Arable Research (FAR).
No more tank mixing for broad spectrum weed control in fodder beet and beetroot crops - that's the message from Zelam as it releases a unique new herbicide to the market this season.
Alligator weed, horehound, inkweed, cape weed, goats rue, fennel and hemlock, docks and sorrel.
Maximum security crop protection with less active ingredient per ha, and a new active to boot - it's no wonder BASF is positioning Zampro as everything a modern fungicide should be.
Innovative Canterbury cropping farmer invention, The Jangler bird deterrent, is now available.
New Zealand winegrowers now have a new innovative tool for combating Grapevine Leafroll Virus (GLRV) with the launch of Bayer's Movento 100SC into grapes.
A warm welcome is expected from the agricultural industry for a raft of six new products from Orion Crop Protection.

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